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2021 has been a rather benighted year for the Dyatlov Pass. It became trending clickbait in early February for many in the West. Then, one of the greatest researchers, Igor Pavlov, passed away suddenly of cancer, followed by the head of the Dyatlov Foundation, Yuri Kuntsevich, who fell victim to Covid-19. Seasoned hikers were involved in accidents that could have had grave consequences.  British journalist Graham Phillips left an expedition in a huff, calling Dyatlov Pass on UralLive a "theme park". Finally, the surroundings of where the Dyatlov group's tent was found in 1959 will forever be defaced by a four-meter high incomprehensible phallic abomination. The only good news is that now you can't miss the spot.

It's certainly been an eventful and also sad year.  I'm not too sure what the monument is meant to convey to be honest.  Did the families of the Dyatlov Group have any input? 


--- Quote from: marieuk on September 01, 2021, 01:50:00 PM ---Did the families of the Dyatlov Group have any input?

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Most people on the Russian forum ( don't like this strange sculpture.
The prevailing opinion is that the author of the sculpture made a monument to himself, and not to the Dyatlov group since this pretentious structure does not reflect at all and is not associated either with the tragedy of the Dyatlov group or with the memory of the hikers.
Большинству эта странная скульптура не нравится. Я тоже считаю, что автор скульптуры сделал памятник себе, а не дятловцам, т.к. это вычурное сооружение вообще никак не отражает и не ассоциируется ни с трагедией группы Дятлова, ни с памятью о ребятах.

I have a hard time understanding what it's supposed to represent.
Only 4 people on it? 
The diver only makes sens if you agree with the "fall at the cliff" theory (I think it's per example Wab's, on this forum) ? Or I just don't understand why he put this guy in this position. That makes no sense...

If somebody wants to make art about the DPI, fine. But leave the art to the galleries, museums, etc, or better, in the Dyatlov foundation. In this mountain, this is nothing like a memorial: Somebody who doesn't know about the DPI won't understand why this thing's here. (and even knowing about !)
This is a very egocentric way to show one's interest on DPI and (dis-)respect both to the dead and to all hikers passing by.

I would compare it to someone carving in the cedar "The DPI is fascinating me" rather than to someone leaving a flower at the tent place.

To be honest, that "thing" is an utter disgrace. Who even allowed this "monument" to be erected there?! Or it was self initiative by the so called "artist"? 
Even if it did represent the tragedy of the Dyatlov group in a sane way , its place would still not be there.

What a shame for everyone involved in this, what a shame.  neg1


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