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Hit by a car?

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That could be where the den comes in. I’m convinced the hikers didn’t build that...maintenance, testers ...could’ve been housed there or hid sled there???

In so far as the terrain:

"Sever" transported mail [[in areas where earlier the use of any transport, except dog sleds, was impossible.]]. The average distance of the Severus-2 aerosleigh was 12-15 thousand kilometers per year with an average speed of 30-35 km / h on postal routes. Routes passed through virgin snow, hummocked ice in the frost to 45-50 ° C. Aerosans worked along the Amur River, served the villages along the banks of the rivers Lena, Ob and Pechora. They carried out regular mail and passenger flights in the regions of Siberia, the Far East and Kazakhstan.”

Someone was they got there or reason is an issue, I’m pointing ou it’s possibe, without using a dog sled or helicopter...

I hear ya...  All very interesting.

I wonder how effective these were over this type or terrain though.  They look like they would only be effective over open tundra or otherwise flat landscapes like frozen lakes etc. 

Heck...  I'm mostly convinced there was no den to begin with.   shock1

Well I think agents or military were involved in the tragedy, and I have to figure how they got there.

There are no designated testing zones in Russia at this time, you found out later when you couldn’t breathe or grew an extra arm...if you found out at all.

“Scenes from a film of a nuclear test conducted by the Soviet military on Sept. 14, 1954, in which an atomic bomb was exploded in the air near 45,000 Soviet Army troops and thousands of civilians in the [[Ural Mountains.]]

In the film, which was shown in Paris as a part of a documentary, Soviet veterans said that soldiers had never received adequate medical treatment for the radiation exposure. "Many died not knowing the reason why.”

A wooded area:

Open area:

Yes, I've heard of them weird things
These can cause a high velocity trauma.


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