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Hit by a car?

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Yes, I agree...high velocity, powered by aircraft engines.

Also I believe the military vehicles (below) were stationed throughout, readied for an anti-aircraft shoot-down as what happened in 1960 with Gary Powers. They were interested in the study of our spy planes, however Powers destroyed the craft when he ejected.

Yes yes!

As to the "spy rendezvous gone bad" offered by Alexei Ratikin, there's perfectly good reasons why enemy agents don't rendezvous in the lonely wild. They don't trust each other, and mistrust can be lethal. That's why they use dead drops. Much safer.

About dead-drops. 

Aren't these types of operations usually carried out in plain sight, as in .... Populated areas where one can blend in and otherwise go un-noticed?  Your talking about one of the most inhospitable places on the planet this time of year. The loggers for instance appeared to not have seen a woman on decades.  I would think strange people moving around in the wilderness or through one of these tiny towns/camps would stick out like a sore thumb.  Especially it these times....    The group had to have special travel passports simply to travel for instance.   

In the same way that my Russian friend from Yekaterinburg would dismiss the BEAR theory so he would also dismiss the MILITARY theory. And so do I.


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