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By all means... 

 In my initial post about the Aerosled, many might mistakenly observe the photo as a joke, I assure you it isn’t.

[On January 2, 1959, the sleigh was weighed and on January 5 it was handed over for testing.]

"While guarding the borders of the Soviet Union, two border guards observed the track of a border violator. The senior border guard made the decision to follow the enemy. He began a solo pursuit and sent his partner to bring reinforcements. He followed the tracks for 35 km and with fire from his automatic rifle forced the border violators to ground several hundred meters from the border. With the aid of reinforcements that arrived quickly on aerosleds, the border violators were detained”

Some were used for mail delivery, some were military used in the war or border patrol. As you can see above they were handed over for testing JAN 5 1959, month hikers started their trip.

Military version:

Ah ha!   grin1

Sooo...  Your saying perhaps the military version was being tested in the area?  'shoot anything that moves' type of testing?   shock1

Well, I truly think a lot of military testing went on at night in remote areas, due to the Russian paranoia over spy planes or ballons...being able to take photos or spot them in daytime. Plus in wartime ...nighttime advantage.

These guy didn’t really care much about safety, they tested, if an accident took place, they made it disappear or covered it up.

This is true...

My only issue with this sort of thing...  Units like this (even in a testing phase) would have a good size personal attachment for maintenance, operating etc.  I would think that would leave a pretty hefty footprint in the form of obvious physical evidence​?  How effective would these contraptions be in the woods or on the slope of the mountain etc?   

My other issue is...  This wasn't a designated testing area.  For anything.   Russia had/has vast expanses of non inhabited bases and ranges to conduct military testing.  Why on that mountain in white out conditions? 


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