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Some more thoughts on the book...

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is interesting because it's a mystery: several things seem hard to explain. Of course what these things are differ somewhat for everyone...

There are so many of such mysterious details, let me just focus on one: how did the hikers die? With the tent on the slope, it's really hard to explain the injuries of Lyuda, Thibo and Semyon. So the book does a great job demystifying this. A falling tree causing these injuries is plausible.

But then the reader finishes the book and some questions in are still unanswered in their head. To stay with the same question: how did the rest of the hikers die?

Here are purely my thoughts of how I would think:

Several of my friends are stuck under a tree. Thibo is probably unconscious but still has a pulse. The others might have been conscious. We need to free them! Let's try lifting the tree. Let's assume it's not successful, the tree is too heavy.

At this point the rest of us are getting a bit cold. All of our clothes and boots are in the tent, just put these on. It only takes half a minute.
Then continue trying to save those under the tree perhaps by trying to saw the trunk into smaller pieces. After all they had a saw. Perhaps send two or three to start a fire, as 2 are enough to operate the saw. When the fire is ready, we swap, they continue the sawing and we warm up by the fire. Perhaps even this fails, the tree is too thick.

Those stuck under the tree no longer show signs of life.

At this point, there are 5 very shocked, but otherwise healthy and fit hikers with only superficial injuries, a fire, warm clothes, a stove that by all accounts wasn't damaged, enough food for a week... I don't see any reason why they would die.

Their tent is perhaps stuck under a tree, what I would try is cut it in half and try to repair that half, then try to make it back to Vizhay. But even without a tent, they had hope. They passed a Mansi hut next to Auspiya which could be used for an overnight stay in this emergency. They passed caves where they could shelter and at 2nd Northern there is a usable house.

So I would like if the book expanded on this more. Perhaps even an additional chapter about what happened in the hours after the tree fell? Why did those only lightly injured not even put on boots and their coat?

(As I understand, the conspirators never found Dyatlov's body, and he was without a coat and boots.)