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Author Topic: The Gaia Pope case (hypothermia)  (Read 6607 times)

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April 28, 2022, 02:09:14 PM
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I think there are certain similarities to the Dyatlov Pass incident.

Gaia Pope died of hypothermia after leaving a friend's house insufficiently dressed for the weather. Her clothes were found scattered some distance away. And according to this article, she may have undressed and then "burrowed" into undergrowth due to hypothermia.

She had no obvious external injuries apart from superficial scratches. It is also remarkable that her time of death could not be determined, even with modern methods, although she was found within 10 days. This suggests to me that the time of death information in the Dyatlov autopsies should be viewed as speculative.

The aftermath looks pretty similar to the Dyatlov 5's (excluding the ravine 4 here), with the exception that she didn't try to start a fire.