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Author Topic: The nightsky on February 1st 1959  (Read 9522 times)

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January 11, 2019, 04:56:09 PM
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Hi guys

I'm writing an exhaustive article about the case, and while researching I had the idea to have a look a the nightsky on the evening of February 1st 1959.
I used «Stellarium» and «Google Earth» to generate two views.

It is possible that the dyatlov group had a clear view on that evening... we don't know... we know that they had a hard time pitching up their tent in a winterstorm.

1. The view from the tent on the forest
- Ursus Major is appearing from the left side
- Maybe they had the chance to catch a glimpse on falling Delta Cancrid meteors...
- Prokyon and Pollux are dominant in the nightsky

2. The view from the cedar on the top of dead mountain
- Mars is hanging high in the nightsky on the left
- On the right handside we find the milky way
- Beautiful sky - nothing more

Yes, and now you ask: What's the message? The meteors maybe? The view? Some inspiration for astrologists?
I can't tell you exactly, sorry. Maybe someone will find some new clues by looking at these images... or not.

Anyway, enjoy!


January 11, 2019, 06:30:45 PM
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Hello Dominov and welcome to the Dyatlov Pass Forum.  Good start by Posting this information. Such Posts are helpful because they introduce new aspects. The aspect you are introducing is certainly relevant because as you probably know one of the tenets of this Dyatlov Mystery are the lights in the sky and their possible connection to what actually happened.

January 12, 2019, 04:28:27 AM
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Yes, I am aware of the «lights».

Thats why I kept searching the nightsky of February 1st to 2nd for special phenomena.... And yes I found them.

There was a beautiful Venus-set in the south-western direction. But it was very close to the horizon... So the Dyatlov group most likely couldn't see it having the Dead mountain in their back. And the winterstorm was still raging at 17:50, I guess.

People further south wouldn't have associated the Venus-set with the dead mountain. Just impossible.

And yes, on 5'clock in the morning on February 2nd  a waning but still bright halfmoon rose with jupiter right below him (south-eastern direction). This event could have been observed from the tent but not from the forest (cedar) because Jupiter and the Moon were very close to the horizon, too.

And besides the Delta Cancrid meteors the December Leo Minorids could have been spotted in south/south western direction..

If it had been possible to watch the nightsky on that night, it would have been quite a show.

Anyway, I don't believe that any stellar or planetary object could have been mistaken for an UAP/UFO moving toward Dead Mountain.


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