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"An Unknown Compelling Force"

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I wanted to know what you all thought of the documentary/video "An Unknown Compelling Force". I watched it but I cant find much commentary on it in this forum.


Fantastic. I liked how they followed the evidence and came up with the natural conclusion. Speaking to homicide detectives to get their perspective was great. Convinced me that it wasn't all that complicated. They were murdered. Period.

Hi, Jay, I posted the same question but didn't see yours first. I thought the doc was fantastic. Thorough and conclusive for me. It's partly what convinced me that what happened here isn't much of a mystery, other than the who/why. It proved the 'how' to me. What about youL?

Logical and truthful are not the same thing, yes?

Correct. Using logic can sometimes lead to truth, no? Not always but I think logic is a good place to start.


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