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How has your favoured DPI theory evolved or changed?

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Perhaps you maintain the same favoured theory today as when you first learned of the DPI. Or you may have gone through a series of favoured theories, jettisoning others as you learned more about the case which called them into question.

Where has your DPI wormhole journey taken you?

Me, my first thought 3 years ago was radioactive clothing glowing in a darkened tent which freaked out the hikers, and cross contamination led to abandoned clothing, and they ended up in the ravine trying to decontaminate themselves.

I then thought the military used thermobaric bombs on parachutes and staged a cover-up and these were the orange orbs seen by distant witnesses.

I entertained pure hypothermia being the cause, an unheated tent, sweated out from overexertion, wind chill, and descending below the shivering stage at altitude which can fool people they are recovering. But that didn't really explain the flail chests.

Today, after drawing up a 'logic tree', I believe the hikers filled their flasks with contaminated river water near their labaz, (no campfire to melt snow or sterilise it and about to go high altitude for the next 24 hours) and the young men slaked their thirst and hunger sat inside the part secured tent after digging the snow trench and a medical emergency ensured, with high fever leading to the removal of clothing.

The antidote is water and milk, so they headed as a group, on a still night, to find a ravine between 2 peaks, and seizures began there explaining all injuries, unconscious falls without hand or clavicle trauma, and some of the hikers, focussed on the ravine and nearby, had overloaded bladders, while Zina, who wouldn't be trench digging, did not, yet most of them died of the same cause hypothermia and within 6 hours of eating.

Maybe I'll develop something else in time, but this one ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Not arguing but where does the fire under the cedar and the den come in?


--- Quote from: tenne on May 07, 2023, 09:58:09 AM ---Not arguing but where does the fire under the cedar and the den come in?

--- End quote ---

This thread's asking what developmental process others went through on their DPI journey, not an analysis of my latest idea.

But the answer to your question is contained in expanded replies here:

& a related thread:

When I first heard about DPI on TV in 2013, I immediately had an idea – it was a pre-planned murder. Khrushchev's time is a time of struggle against anti–Sovietism, with advanced students. The topic did not let me go for a long time, and I found new confirmations of my version: the testimony of Yu . Yudina, V. Askenadzi, B. Slobtsova, archival documents and materials of the criminal case, a penitential article by investigator Ivanov, stories by investigator Korotaev, prosecutor Okishev. THE TRAGEDY BEGAN AT THE END OF 1956 AFTER A SCANDALOUS KOMSOMOL CONFERENCE, AFTER A LETTER FROM THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE ON COMBATING DISSENT AMONG STUDENTS, AFTER WHICH MANY UPI STUDENTS WERE EXPELLED, AND SOME, SUCH AS VOROBYOV, NIKITIN DEMYANENKO DIED FOR AN UNKNOWN REASON. THE UPI TRADE UNION COMMITTEE WROTE A FALSE DENUNCIATION. THIS RUINED DYATLOV'S GROUP.

I'm surprised you only learned of the DPI ten years ago Anna, both due to your generation and as someone so passionate about it, I had assumed the mystery, being internationally known, was common knowledge across Russia. Their Mary Celeste.

Having said that, I have another obsession, across 22 years now, though it isn't a mystery. The 1963 Italian dam disaster at Vajont, the largest post-war industrial disaster in Europe in terms of loss of life, and until a playwright staged a live broadcast on Italian TV it seems 2 generations of Italians had not been taught anything about it in schools, just as I wasn't in the UK.

So it seems some things are buried, until the media or internet resurrects them.


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