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Had they survived what would they have become?


It is of course impossible to know, but based upon what is known of them in 1959 a little imagination may be possible? Do you agree with my imaginings, or can you expand on them or offer other destinies?

Aleksander was a nuclear physics student, and rumoured to be a potential KGB recruit. I think he would have followed a nuclear career, being far too valuable an asset to the Cold War to be wasted in the KGB. He was very intelligent, commanding discussion, so may well have made his mark in some capacity.

Igor was natutrally inventive, we know he made a telescope to show his parents Sputnik and I was struck by how he was always a 'fiddling' in his childhood/early hiking photo's, not really interacting with other males, but instead inspecting things with his hands, unless this was shyness, but to me it demonstrates a highly inquisitive mind, the sort who would take things apartto see how they work and then reassemble. I think he may have invented something, though not necessarily connected to radio engineering.

Big-hearted Zina, if she didn't marry Doro, seemed to have another interested male, a fellow radio engineering student, shown in the photo below with Igor. He is often interacting warmly with her in hiking photo's and I read their chemistry as positive. Not a bad looking chap either. She would have made a very good mother, and possibly become a teacher, given her immediate impact with schoolchildren at the start of this trip.

Lyuda would continue to do everything the correct way and settled down into motherhood. Her mother ran a kindergarten so she may have taken that path. Quite possibly she may have married Yuri Yudin? Certainly when a girl gives a boy a teddy it communicates hug this until you can hug me, and he never parted with it, though for tragic reasons. Blinov thought she was in love with him, though I'm not sure if this crush was reciprocated.

Krivo, the urban revolutionary, would have continued his career as a mechanic and soon married and had a family. He had a series of girlfriends and the home photo's on one of the hiking films show either a brother or sister visiting with a baby, so siblings tend to soon follow the same productive path. He may have got into trouble breaking the rules, but continued with his humour not taking it too seriously.

Tibo, the apex socialiser, a remarkably well-adjusted man given what happened to his father, when others may have developed a cynicism and deep-seated resentment to all that was Russia, may have traced his French roots when able. He would have continued as a postgraduate mechanic, working his way up the ranks.

Rustem may have become more of a technical designer, a draughtsman for mechanical engineering. He has the least photo history, along with Aleksander, but several images show him in this capacity.

Semyon may have succeeded in becoming a qualified skiing instructor, but his bio suggests he longed to be an officer of some kind. Perhaps he would have reunited with his wife, and if not bonded with his infant son.

Yuri Doro, if he didn't marry Zina, would be the playboy until he met the right girl, and one his parents approved of as the right age, and had a career in radio communications.

What is your prediction about Yudin?


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