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February 20, 2024, 05:16:45 AM
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Per Inge Oestmoen


(Ziljoe wrote):


There are number of ways to explain the injuries.murder by professionals wouldn't leave such a mess. Maybe murder, not professional....

What could they have observed that made them a threat to state security? It's the middle of no where, Mansi roam freely, students hike. All of the Soviet Union can see the rockets in the sky . There are no secrets of rockets or missile, not even to the west. Everyone knows about the cold war...

The Mansi weren't told they did the murder of the students, it was a possibility amidst the confusion .

Declaration of the tent being cut from the inside doesn't make the Mansi free of potential murder, or anyone else for that matter. It is just an observation. The Mansi, KGB , aliens, avalanche or any subsequent event could of caused the internal cutting of the tent. That fact doesn't prove anything, inoccent or guilty.

If the Mansi observed things similar to the Dyatlov group, why did the Mansi not get killed?

No one said or has implied another human can't break bones , jiu jitsu or not, I'm sure I could have a go. It's the nature of the rib fractures that's the problem, they are along a parallel line if I understand correctly. Ones elbo is not big enough to fracture along the line. The injuries suggest one impact , a crush injury, like a car crash, or a tree . 

The rib fractures are the puzzle, but they were not discovered until May. It's this that is the confusion and we must remember the rib fractures were found in the ravine under a mass of snow. I don't think we can ignore that.

1. The murderers must have been very skilled and intelligent professionals. They knew how to make the killings look like an accident. There is nothing messy about the way the nine was killed: It was the most intelligent way. If there had not been a sudden rise in temperature on the night between February 1 and February 2, the nine victims would have frozen to death, as they must have been forced out from their tent at gunpoint and improperly dressed. Far from a "messy" way to kill, it would have been the perfect killing mission.

2. Ivanov was called to Moscow and instructed to close the case with the conclusion that the Dyatlov pass incident was an accident. Why would Ivanov be summoned to Moscow and be given such an instruction from above, if it was truly an accident?

3. Recently, the Russian authorities looked into the case again, as a result of pressure from conscientious individuals. However, the authorities said beforehand that there could be only one explanation of the tragedy: Namely an avalanche. However, it has been demonstrated that an avalanche in the area would be a) extremely unlikely and b) did not take place in the area at the time. Why would the Russian authorities insist on an explanation which had already been disproven?

4. The statement that the tent was cut from the inside was the event that made the police declare that the Mansi were free of suspicion.

5. A number of the Mansi were brought in to interrogation. That does not imply confusion. It fits nicely as part of the cover-up plan. The police pretended, almost certainly as a result of pressure from high above, that the Mansi were under suspicion. The Mansi, who knew the truth since they lived in the area, must have been dead scared. They sensed, quite correctly, that the Soviet state authorities were capable of inventing any evidence in order to incriminate and punish them. When the news came that a seamstress had stated that the tent was cut from the inside and that the students had cut the tent themselves, the Mansi were told that they were not under suspicion. The Mansi took the signal: "If you ever talk about what you know, we will invent new evidence in order to get to you."

6. This is a good question, since it seems an anomaly that the Mansi were not killed: "If the Mansi observed things similar to the Dyatlov group, why did the Mansi not get killed?" The answer: a) There is no certainty that what the students observed, was observed in the area where they were killed. b) The nine students were bright students with a probable long career, many colleagues, friends and acquaintances in society. The Mansi were indigenous people who live in the area and with relatively less contact points to the greater society. The indigenous peoples would not be expected to have the same political potential as highly educated people in the Russian society.  They could be much more easily silenced than outspoken citizens, which was more than likely what happened. In short: It was possible to ensure the silence of the Mansi without killing them, whereas the nine students were perceived as a threat to state security if they became witnesses to some state secrets in the Urals.

7. The rib fractures could not have been caused by the snow. They are consistent with repeated elbow strikes from the same angle by a standing attacker.

It is sad to see how some try to find another explanation than murder, but it is understandable because few civilian people in the West are aware of the merciless sophistication of the Soviet intelligence agency and their special forces operators.

February 21, 2024, 07:26:27 AM
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It is sad to see how some try to find another explanation than murder, but it is understandable because few civilian people in the West are aware of the merciless sophistication of the Soviet intelligence agency and their special forces operators.

It is also sad that in an absence of evidence, the blame for a natural calamity is put on Soviet Society. The arguements of this sort seem to fall into the "guilty until proven innocent" category. We get it that power corrupts. We get it that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We understand all behavior is motivated. Some, like myself do not find a sufficient reason to believe that an abuse of power occurred. Why? Insufficient motivation. Natural disasters are a phenomona, conspiracies are a construct.

February 21, 2024, 10:23:18 AM
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There are stronger forces in the west than the KGB or the Soviet intelligence, they are more powerful than the the cia, FBI , mi5 and all the rest .

All people are at their mercy, they can destroy people's life's and family , financial well being and mental health. They exist today and have possibly the best training , I fear to speak their name.....

February 21, 2024, 12:37:30 PM
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My DPI approach - logic, probability and reason.
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