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Author Topic: Igor and Zina a couple?  (Read 2154 times)

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January 23, 2020, 10:53:03 PM
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I am not sure of where this question best belongs. I'll leave it here, with gratitude for anyone who can help a newbie out.

I am on my 6th book about the DPI. Two of these books have stated that Igor and Zina were interested in each other, this latest one (L.Anderson's) states directly that "she [Zina] and Igor had been dating for months." Am I missing something? Are people going by her photo being in his possession and letting their imaginations go wild? Or is there real evidence that they were a couple? (Like, say, statements from friends at UPI). I wish authors would be clear about their sources.
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Zina wrote she was still in love with Doroshenko, but it was an unrequited love and she showed signs of interest with Slobodin, Ognev and Yudin.

On Dyatlov's side, it might be different as the rescuers found "Dyatlov notebook with a photo of Z. Kolmogorova" and as :

⇒January 26 « Had breakfast in the dining room, goulash and tea. When they handed us the lukewarm tea, Gosya (Igor) Dyatlov said with a smirk: "If the tea is cold, then go drink it outside, it will be hot." » Krivonishenko in Group’s diary

⇒January 26 « We got up late, very late. Rustik Slobodin and I are on duty. » Z. Kolmogorova’s diary

So « they » means  « Rustik and Zina ».  On Jan. 26, Dyatlov challenged the group preventively threatening anyone who would complain against Rustik and Zina ? Protecting both of them from any taunts or critics ? Or Zina in particular ? But later, in the evening of Jan. 30, leaving Lyuda to her sad fate ?

We have here strong clues that lead us to believe that Dyatlov had romantic feelings for Zina. And if so, he had at least four rivals (Doroshenko, Slobodin, Yudin and Ognev). And some occasions to experiment the burn of jealousy :

- when seeing Zina wearing Doroshenko's mittens : "Today I wore Yuri's mittens, but how I did not want to! I was told that is not good not to accept them, so I took them." and when reading in the leaflet "Doroshenko and Kolmogorova" mentioned together.

- when seeing Zina learning to play the mandolin with Slobodin : "Rustic plays the mandolin very well, I really enjoy listening to him." "And Rustic plays the mandolin very well.", "I'm lately somehow very deeply affected by music, guitar, mandolin and other." wrote Zina and "Zina even tries to learn to play mandolin under guidance of our musician Rustik "

- when reading in the group's diary that Zina would suffer of Yudin's departure : "Yuri Yudin goes back home today. It is a pity, of course, that he leaves us. Especially for me and Zina, but nothing can be done about it."

- when observing Zina's interest with Ognev : "his beard is ginger, ginger, and his eyes are also ginger, and brown" wrote Zina in her diary. Zina repeated the word "ginger" as she used to repeat words when something took hold of her mind like "snow, snow, snow, snow on the banks frozen river snow snow" and very probably "Yes, Mansi, Mansi, Mansi. This word comes up more and more often in our conversations." and noted so precisely the color of Ognev's eyes... The interest of Zina with Ognev could not have been unseen by Dyatlov.

And we could add Krivonishenko as a potential rival if we consider that Zina can be identified on 12 of his 33 photos (1/3 of Krivonishenko's photos includes Zina) and is the central and main subject of 5 of his photos (frames 11, 19, 35, 8, 21).

And Kolevatov too as : "we started to discuss love issues, talking about kisses in particular. We talked all kinds of nonsense, of course; everyone was interested, everyone wanted to speak out, eventually trying to out-shout each other and prove their own opinion. Sasha Kolevatov was the best in our debates. Probably he expressed not only his own thoughts but, anyway, he obviously won"... Zina having written to her friend Lidiya Grigoryeva : "Gosya Dyatlov works in the laboratory, completes the diploma project in practice, not much of a life, not friends with anybody (of the girls of course)."

So if Dyatlov was in love with Zina, he had to deal with 6 obvious or potential rivals : Doroshenko, Slobodin, Yudin, Krivonishenko, Kolevatov and Ognev.
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