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There are a number of photographs that may shed a light on what happened to the Dyatlov group.

The first, and easiest is Zolotaryov’s “Three heads” picture. It is the last proper photograph he took. Unfortunately we only have a low quality image. It comes across as a scan of a photocopy of a print, so we may be missing a lot of detail. But it’s unmistakably a photo of a bright object in the upper left corner. It doesn’t look like a technical failure because of its very recognizable round shape. Light leaks usually appear as streaks or bursts, sometimes as a fog covering the whole picture. They don’t take on a circular shape. One look at the negative can decide this question once and for all. If the edge (with the sprocket holes) is exposed, it’s a leak. If not, it’s a photograph. Personally I’m quite certain it is an actual photo.

But I’m not convinced that the three thingies at the bottom are heads. Actually, they don’t look like human heads at all. So I took it upon myself to enhance this part of the photograph to see if I could find some better explanation. And look:

They’re shrub heads!  tongue2

This is obviously a cut out from a Dyatlov Pass photo on this site:

The resemblance is uncanny. If these thingies are indeed backlit shrubs Zolotaryov must have taken this picture uphill. That would be to the Northwest to West of the tent, if I’m not mistaken.
This makes me wonder. All Dyatlov treks I’ve read about stay on the east side of the Otorten-Kholat Syakhl range. Do people sometimes visit the western slopes/valleys, oblast Komi? Because if this really is a picture of a missile/warhead/detonation it’s possible that the answer/debris is on the other side of the mountain. Hm.

Oh wow, I thought this one was going to be a walk in the park. I’ll save my musings on the other photographs for later.

Question: do we know approximately when was this picture taken ? Because if it's the first of the pictures from Zorotalyov's camera, it may come from a different day...

No we don't.

But it is the first picture from his camera, i.e. first shoot ?

None of this is a full shot or in order. These are very small fragments of a film roll that is horribly damaged. Maybe only the "three heads" is a little closer to a full shot but nobody knows if it is first in the roll.
Scroll to the point where it says:
"Please note that the images above, besides the first frame, are very small fragments of the actual photo. You can scale by the procket holes visible on scans 2 and 6."


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