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July 31, 2020, 05:23:02 PM
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@sarapuk But surely no one can think that the Dyatlov Group argued to such an extent that it eventually led to what happened. It seems highly unlikely. And no human could inflict some of those extraordinary injuries.

I still think a rifle butt (repeated)could cause those injuries. (one autopsy report states that one of the head injuries would have to be caused by "repeatedly hitting head on rock in same place".... yes - a rifle butt with intent to kill.)

It wasn't unusual during those times for a fully paid up member of the communist party to impose and oversee others while they go about their business. Highly likely in this case (esp. 1959) given the knowledge/qualifications of various members of that group. (Nuclear/radio and whatever else they knew). Lyudmila's diary hints at something which would "change in a few days".  Bienko was cast off in favour of Zol but this may not have been enough. Hence Yuri was sent packing and the kit they had would still suffice for 10 people (including spare skis etc). Nobody seems much interested in where that errant gaiter came from. If I lost one of those then I'd be looking for it - and most probably would have found it. UNLESS I thought that those who followed would recover it on my behalf. So why would the 10th member remove a gaiter if everything was "nominal" in preparation for the following day? Someone had enough of him and decided to take matters into their own hands?

The 10th member would have been able to assist with a cover up and help find the items which he knew to be there. (The knives etc).
The 10th member would have divided them knowing that it would be much easier to deal with them in smaller groups(pretty standard stuff). Otherwise there is no reason for them to separate in the way that they did. You would stay together - at all costs - unless their was something SO vital in that tent that 3 people would risk their lives to recover it. Of course we don't know what was really in the tent.
The 10th member wasn't in any photos. Of course not. But it explains the riddle over the cameras - all the films needed to be checked and double checked. The story is that Bienko was given a film to process : "yeah - this is all honest gov' - we even gave a film to someone else to process". Why give a film to Bienko?

Their splitting into smaller groups and with the injuries indicates that there was an "external" influence upon that group (amongst them). It wasn't weather related : they could deal with that - all of them.

Ha : "The Tenth Man". I could be John Lee ("The Ninth Man"). Though I suspect not. But this makes most sense to me.

I promise I'm not trolling this site. I want to know just as much as everyone else but there are certain things which I feel are more significant and likely than others. Starting with that gaiter and the sudden swapping of group members.
I still and always _did_ feel that their fate was somewhat sealed just before they set off on foot/ski.