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Flashlight on top of tent

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Possible scenarios:
1. It was to function as a beacon when the group fled the tent. If it was turned on, though, the batteries would eventually die. Yet the flashlight worked when found by the search party.
2. When the tent was moved to the slope by the people staging the tragedy, someone inadvertently left it on top of the tent. But assuming the tent was moved and pitched in daylight, why was someone carrying a flashlight?
3. The group was attacked at night and one of the attackers placed the flashlight on top of the tent, but then forgot about it.

Other explanations? Maybe this one flashlight is an absolutely crucial clue?!

Was there not the odd observation that it was found on top of a significant amount of snow?

Игорь Б.:

--- Quote from: MDGross on September 13, 2021, 09:26:29 AM ---Other explanations?
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Фонарик был просто потерян при выбегании из палатки. Как и подсвечник, например.
Только фонарик нашли в 1959 году, а подсвечник в 2013. Если бы было наоборот, то получилось бы, что туристы выбегали из палатки со свечкой в руках.

Все находки на месте палатки в 2013 году:

--- Quote from: Monty on September 13, 2021, 10:58:41 AM ---Was there not the odd observation that it was found on top of a significant amount of snow?

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Ничего удивительного:

A flashlight on top of the tent rules out katabatic wind, and meteorite explosion shockwaves. Unless.. it was placed there later.

But there were no other traces in the area, apart from the footprints leading down from the tent, so unless it was dropped onto the tent from a helicopter... the Dyatlovites must have left it there.

However.. another inconsistent thing is that one half of the tent has collapsed and the rope torn, so there had to be some strong force acting on that half of the tent. Was the flashlight found on the other half? What force can tear down one half but leave a flashlight in place on the other?

So based on this, the Dyatlov group must have left the flashlight on the tent but after the tent has already half-collapsed.

Another possibility I would consider is that multiple searchers have found the tent independently and the first of them have left the flashlight.

Игорь Б.:

--- Quote from: Manti on September 16, 2021, 03:12:45 PM --- What force can tear down one half...
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Эта сила - девять человек, вскочившие на ноги в палатке высотой 120 см. и отпрянувшие назад от входа. Лыжные палки, подпиравшие центральную часть и задний торец палатки упали.

P.S. Без печки центр палатки поддерживался лыжной палкой:


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