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Flashlight on top of tent

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Yes, that could be it.

Flashlight battery can also suffer from the cold.
My bike battery has hard time not getting off at -30, but after half an hour inside, the battery is good again.

The lamp may have been discarded because out of battery -due to the cold at night- and then warming up enough (for the battery to recover) during the day it was found.

Good point, Paf. It's reasonable to assume that the hikers warmed flashlights at night by placing them under the stove. That the flashlight still worked when found by Sharavin could mean that it was placed on top of the tent just a day or two before. If people did in fact stage the tragedy, then maybe they finished pitching the tent in the twilight or early evening and needed a flashlight. Then accidentally left it on top of the tent.
I dunno. But this small detail of a working flashlight could have significant meaning.

Игорь Б.:

--- Quote ---В СССР в 1950-е — 1960-е годы батарея имела торговое название КБС (карманная батарея сухая), а позже 3336 и «Планета».

В просторечии она называлась «плоская» или «квадратная батарейка». Существовали «летний» и «холодостойкий» варианты...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Хранение элементов и батарей.
Все сухие элементы и анодные батареи, независимо от их типа и назначения, следует хранить в сухом, прохладном месте и при температуре, желательно, ниже нуля, не допуская отсырения батарей.
--- End quote ---
"Химические источники тока", А.П. Окатов, Госхимиздат, 1948

Поэтому Золотарёв не боялся носить фонарик не во внутреннем кармане в тепле, а снаружи, даже днём, когда фонарик был не нужен. Те батарейки лучше сохраняли заряд на холоде.

Didn't the searchers say half of the tent and also the bodies of Igor, Zina and Rustem had to be dug out from under hardened snow (nast)?
That needs time to form so rules out staging within the last week or two before the tent was found.


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