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--- Quote from: GlennM on February 01, 2022, 09:07:52 PM ---All behavior is motivated. A criminal conspiracy is motivated. There is a payoff at some point, be it power, prestige, influence or just plain money. By following the money, one can deduce who had the most to gain from their nefarious actions. It is unlikely anyone worked alone. It is also a truism that there is no honor among thieves. Nine good people did not get put to death without somebody getting some advantage from it. Follow the money, I say. If there is no money trail, it's back to Nature.

--- End quote ---

I agree with this. If it was outsiders there has to be a motive. This does not directly mean money but some kind of reward. Given the location and environment , i personally can't see why outsiders would choose this location to do an attack .

I can't add anything much to what's already Been said. It does look like the trigger was a natural event.

Motive isn't necessary in a court of law to convict in US. Who knows why people do the things they do? Some motives are clear, others are not. You follow the evidence, circumstantial and direct, without having to know the "why". The "why" would be nice, but so would a decent autopsy report.

The problem with the "falling into a rocky ravine" causing the rib, skull etc. injuries is that if you look at for example contemporary photos of recent expeditions to the pass, the ravine is not really a ravine at all. There is no cliff to fall off of. Maybe there was an ice formation that broke and fell onto them?

Thinking about this more... some causes for the ravine injuries might be

* Being thrown out of a helicopter alive - I would discount this possibility
* Ice cornice breaking and falling on them.. maybe, still I can't see where it would have formed in/around the ravine area
* Maybe they all climbed the tree and fell out of it due to hypothermia - becoming too weak to hold on.Other than these possibilities, there's always the falling tree option.

Extreme cold makes you stupid and less protective of your body.I think.


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