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Question: What was the root cause of this tragedy? Answer: I don't know if this is the official way. Had they passed through Lozva, the river would have brought them to Otorten. They preferred Auspia and had to follow a horizontal path to return to Lozva when the river ran out. This horizontal line was not easy like Auspiya. There was no river to follow. The snow was so heavy that it made walking impossible. Even if they passed the pass, before them was a dense forest stretching for miles. We can say that a little worry of getting lost, a little walking difficulty encouraged them to go to Otorten on the open slopes. I think these decisions are the cause of the tragedy. Question: OK, they will walk on slopes. So why did they set up the tent on the slope? They can go down to the forest border and set it up. Answer: This is where weather conditions come into play. From Labaz to Kholat ridge there was mild weather. They hadn't thought of camping on the slope. They were going to land in Lozva. However, it started to get dark and they would stay in the dark to start tent preparations to land in Lozva, which was risky. And they gave up. They were deceived by the soft Kholat air and decided to spend the night on the hillside. Question; What are the must-haves for camping on this slope? Answer:Dyatlov; He was experienced enough to know that a surprise storm might come at night. For this, you need to have a solid tent. Yes, the tent had been repaired a lot, but it was enough. Sturdy ropes to keep the tent up, spare dry clothes and of course a stove (you can't start a fire outside), enough wood. In this case, all the researchers who were convinced that the tent was set up on the slope; They need to see that they don't have enough wood as the temperature drops to -50 degrees at night. The contradiction begins here. Because before an avalanche, storm, earthquake or explosion, we should look at the tent conditions. Solution? Here, the necessity of dividing the group into two arises. 5 or 6 people will prepare the tent, 3 or 4 people will bring water and wood from the forest. When you look from the slope, the forest is not far away. The air is still bright and the distance must have deceived those who went into the forest. Dry branches of the cedar tree may have broken off before disaster struck. .Maybe these branches are broken for tent.

Osi. A good review. A good analysis. I believe they kept to open country for efficiency. Better line of sight, better use of compass, less calories consumed. The trouble begins by separating the hikers at camp. No wood was taken from Auspia ridgeline for evening fire when all hiked together is a big mistake. Sending sub group to Lozva treeline for wood is the econd mistake. Not setting up of the stove iin anticipation of firewood is a big mystery.  Taking off outer clothes in a cold tent irrational behavior. Cutting up their only shelter that they did not own, permissible only in the most extreme situation. Gathering firewood without skis for travel or use as a stretcher to carry collected wood is unintelligent.
As strange as this is Osi, I believe it is much less likely that a crime was perpetuated on the group. Please consider my thoughts as I have of yours. There is hidden truth surrounding that tent.

1) Camping was not planned on the slope. Therefore, there was no need to carry extra wood to the slope. 2) The stove was filled with some firewood for emergencies, but only for 1/3 of the night. 3) The Lozva valley stood very close. However, the wood carriers could not find quality fuel nearby and went as far as the cedar. 4) The tent had just been set up. The beds would be prepared first. Everyone should take off their coats to lay them out. Bags and blankets on them. After entering the tent and making the beds, the stove would be lit. (10 minutes after taking off the coat only) 5) The wood to be transported from the forest was to be used for the later hours of the night or for a day's rest in the morning kholat. 6) There is no need for extra equipment to carry wood. It is sufficient if everyone brings 5 ​​branches with a diameter of 5 cm in their lap.Everyone should bring 5 branches of wood with a diameter of 5 cm.

There is a necessity for some kind of vessel to bring water though, and nothing like that was found with them in the forest. So they went only for wood, not water?

Also you say they set up camp on the slope because it got dark. Isn't it a bit dangerous to then go into an unknown area in the dark for wood? There might be a cliff. They might fall into a stream. They can't judge ice thickness in the dark.

Manti has a good point. Osi has a good explanation of the situation. I do not believe that destroying hiking club property in order to answer someone's cry for help is necessary, nor wise. I think if people left the tent to go help their friends, they would bring rope or splints or a stretcher to carry injured friends. They most certainly would have taken the alcohol. Yes?


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