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I like the idea of them inventing the world's first Post It note, a leaflet stuck to or pinned on the tent.

For some reason it's called a Combat Leaflet, but the contents reads like it's for someone else's knowing amusement and the Evening Otorten title possibly like that of an evening newspaper.

Hiker birth rates, stove assembly times, talk of love, the problems with drag sleds, a tease about the yeti being seen around Otorten, and a quiz question about the cold, asking can 9 tourists get by with one blanket and a stove.

I think I read somewhere that the rescue party found a similar note from the Blinov group on Otorten.

Thank you for the welcome eurocentric  grin1

There is SO much to get focused on with the DPI, but the presence and purpose of the "Evening Otorten" has always interested me. In a "theoretical" time-line, I have thought about the idea that on their final night the group raised their tent in poor weather and a difficult position on the slope and then, to raise spirits once inside the tent decided to use the last bit of available day-light toauthor something lighthearted and humorous - ready to leave on the summit the following day? This might then explain the lack of other diary entries - by the time they had completed the "Evening Otorten" - as a group, daylight had gone, and they needed to focus on eating and preparing for sleep.

All conjecture of course. I also remember reading that the Blinov group left a note on the summit (though I have never seen it's contents?) But based on the practices of larger expeditions (to mountain peaks and elsewhere), I can imagine that the Dyatlov group would have wanted to leave some memento of their success at the summit the following day.

The "Evening Otorten" is one of so many examples where I think the investigation process was handled very poorly. I assume:

- the original no longer exists? (I have only ever seen photo's of the typed-up transcript)
- the original was never photographed?
- the dimensions were never recorded?
- the hand-writing was never attributed?
- the "source" was never recorded - by this I mean were there tear-marks down one edge to suggest it was torn from one of the diaries, or was it a separate (and ? larger) piece of paper - perhaps brought along by the group specifically for it's purpose?

I know it all seems a little trivial in the larger mysteries of the DPI, it is just an example about the investigative process that really frustrates me - a single photograph and five minutes of note-taking could have laid all my questions to rest!

Kind regards.


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