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Star man:

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It's somewhat (I guess) similar to ice sled theory, only without an ice sled grin1
I don't know Russian, but I'm able to understand some of the things author was saying (I'm also a Slav). As far as I understand him, he thinks that the snow blown from the top of the mountain was gathering on the canvas of the tent. After some time, snow had become so heavy, that the ski pole (?) inside of the tent, that was supporting it broke, and canvas fell on the tourists. Damage some of them sustained came from the objects they were sleeping with. Zolotaryov had a camera laying on his chest, Dubinina roll of the film. Tibo was sleeping with his canteen under his head and it was supposed to be the source of his wound.

Personally, I find some issues with this theory. I rather don't believe that tourists sustained their wounds in the tent. Dubinina's wound was so heavy, that she probably wouldn't make it to the forest. Although I've read somewhere, that she could got her heart pierced later, by one her broken ribs, while she was putting on additional sweater.
Also, would the snow gathered on canvas be heavy enough to cause such damage to tourists? Also sounds doubtful. What are your thoughts?

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I have slept in a tent that collapsed due to snow buildup. The sides sag in well before it collapses.  Also you are more likely to be smothered than injured.  And you would have to be tied up or paralized to be smothered I suspect.  I don’t think it’s particularly credible that this is what happened to them.  Even if it had there is no reason to leave camp site.

Star man:
In terms of the avalanche theory one possibility is that large lumps of ice or snow were dislodged further up the hill and one or more hit the tent with potential to cause some injury. The group may have then panicked and left the tent thinking there was an avalanche on the way.  I think that given the temperature and lack of clothes it would only be about 30 minutes to an hour before their bodies would be so cold as to not be able to recover even if they had managed to get their clothes back.


--- Quote from: Star man on December 14, 2018, 08:52:02 AM ---The group may have then panicked and left the tent thinking there was an avalanche on the way.

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That's what I'd like to believe... but evidence says that they left the tent in orderly fashion, not in the state of panic. They weren't running, only moving slowly towards the forest. That's what their footsteps apparently suggested.


--- Quote from: Monika on December 13, 2018, 10:54:55 PM ---
I also think that the injuries of Dubinia and Zolotarev were such serious that they would certainly not have gone so far and in such high snow. They were injured either under the tree or more likely at the den.

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It is correct. Only it is necessary to understand that in a den there are no conditions to be traumatised which were at Dubinina and Zolotaryov. These conditions are on distance approximately 40 … 50 m from this place.
Under a tree too there are no such conditions.
At such falling character of traumas would be absolutely another and there would be signs of contact to branches. Character of disorder of bodies at falling would be such that would not be possible to fall precisely to two persons, and furthermore three persons. Tree branches would not allow to make it. And there is only rather soft layer of earth and snow without presence of stones.


--- Quote from: Kopyrda on December 14, 2018, 02:48:57 AM ---
--- Quote from: WAB on December 12, 2018, 09:04:38 PM ---
I already wrote for all who is interested about traumas: I have article (in Russian) about traumas and everything that with them is connected. 

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I read this article with the help of translator. Still, a pity it's not in English, I would understand it better. It's really a shame, that so many sources on the case are only in Russian.
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Pan Kopyrda !
Probably it is surprising, what it is only in Russian? It is interesting, if this event has occurred in Poland in what language would be most of all information?  grin1
I think that problems with language and transfers would be not less than now …  grin1
It is for all others.

--- Quote from: Kopyrda on December 14, 2018, 02:48:57 AM ---One thing - the article seems to imply that Kolmogorova, Slobodin and Dyatlov died on the way towards the forest, not while trying to return to the tent ("тезис о возвращении к палатке от кедра выглядит совершенно нереально").
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--- Quote from: Kopyrda on December 14, 2018, 02:48:57 AM ---I thought that all of those three were found with their heads towards the tent, as info on this site states.
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It means nothing. On a slope the person intuitively lays down upwards a head on a slope. Here there is nothing surprising. Especially if person is in foggy consciousness which is characteristic for the second stage of overcooling.

--- Quote from: Kopyrda on December 14, 2018, 02:48:57 AM ---For example, "Zinaida was found 630 m from the cedar, face down, head towards the tent." Someone noticed, that the position she was in implied that she had fallen for the last time while climbing.

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Such remark was in memoirs of participants of search. But it only opinion of one person (or several persons). It only opinion, it is necessary to make still a serious substantiation that they went to tent. This substantiation is not present. There is an opinion which 60 years exist and which was transformed to a legend.


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