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Is there evidence for outsiders?

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In the nature of fair and equal debate.

Where is the evidence for outsiders?. Physical evidence of outsiders at the location and / or documentation or statements of outsiders?.

Please let's gather the evidence as a community.

Personally I don't rely on the photos (made from the films found by the two search parties) as sound evidence for events during the tour.
Several of these photos pose more questions than answers.

If I am not mistaken, on loose photo no 6. a long ski - around 2 meters long - is visible.

As far as I am aware, only Yuri Yudin had used this long size of skis.

I am aware that at least several documents state that Yuri Yudin had left the tour at 2nd settlement.

My point is:
- How is is possible that one long ski is visible on this photo, while Yuri Yudin had already left the tour?
- Had Yuri Yudin stayed the fatal night for 7 group members together with Zinaida and Rustem in the re-erected tent on one ski pole and left the next morning to alert the authorities? Three persons lying together under several blankets in the tent had easily survived that night, and Yuri Yudin had well been able to return to 2nd settlement the next morning.

This photo is of course no sound proof, that he - or another person - had stayed longer on the tour than several documents state.


--- Quote from: Arjan on April 19, 2024, 11:20:16 AM ---
As far as I am aware, only Yuri Yudin had used this long size of skis.

--- End quote ---

Can you point to the source of this knowledge, that Yuri Yudin's skis were any different from everybody's else's size wise?

Also they were bringing one spare pair that  belonged to the UPI, how do you know their size?

A quick provisional answer:

Film no 3 as available on the website Dyatlov Pass. com

3_01: District 41. Jan 27. Preparing to take off. Dyatlov, Slobodin, and Yudin. Photo possibly taken by Kolmogorova. It is possible that Krivonischenko got into the frame: in the lower left corner against the background of backpacks, a left hand with a mitten and a knife are visible.

The skis near Yuri Yudin - very probably his skis - are quite longer than Yuri himself.

I remember having read that Yuri Yudin had very long skis: I will try to find the source.

I have a vague memory of reading something about longer skis , I can't remember where I read it , also one of the group preferred to ski in felt boots I think.


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