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Why not fire?

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--- Quote from: Jacques-Emile on November 04, 2018, 07:07:20 PM --- It only takes a spark to ignite the masses of blankets, clothes, and people who are huddled in the tent. 
please I mean no disrespect but I understood that the content of the tent was not incinerated.

--- End quote ---

But Yuri's leg was burned, severe to the point the skin was peeling off his foot.  It's in the autopsy.

Could have been burned in the small fire at the cedar.

Fire from the minometa of the Vaviar.

What FACTS we have all point to there being NO FIRE at the Tent that caused all the Group to abandon the Tent without taking those items needed for survival in those extreme weather conditions.

There was half eaten pork and rusks out in the open inside the tent..     how did they eat frozen meat?

Anyone here ever pull a T-bone straight out of the freezer and start knawing on it? 


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