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my theory of Dyatlavov pass is following:

During 2011-2016 I served in military in reconaisance team as an older scout. In 2012 and 2014 I have been also deployed in Afghanistan. During my duty I was on 3 weeks dificult training in Savoi mountines, when at night were temperatures above -20 Celsium degrees. I mentioned this facts because I think that my minds could be a little bit similar like Zolotaryov`s.

The expedition has in tent quite aromatic food and was windy. If somebody spent longer time in nature, than his nose is much sensitive to any odeurs. If is windy and you are located 2-3 weeks in nature than is possible to spot by nose a person in 50m distance from you because of used deodorant.  Elks have a very good olfactory organs, much better than people. In my opinion they were tracked by food smell prints.

During the night or dark evening one of the person went to pie outside the tent. This person was relatively better dressed - he had a shoes and warm clothes. After the pie, (founded 0ml of urine in urine blader) he spotted elk/elks in very close distance of tent and panic started - chaotic footprints around the tent. He probably tried to hide behind the tent.  He noticed others in tent by voice. Elk/elks could hit the tent. This fact could forced the whole stress situation. So the others in tent started to rip the tent by knife to fast escape.

When they saw the whole panic situation they decided to establish "line formation". Line formation is a combat formation. This was probably Zolotaryov`s decission. In this "line formation" they tried to push out the elk/elks out of the tent teritorry. Adrenaline and stress situation caused imposibility of any time to dress up. They alternatively tried to push out the elk/elks. During the movement somebody threw the flashlight to elk/elks. The elk/elks probably started to be more and more agressive. During the pushing out probably occured first physical contacts between animal and Djatlavov members. Injured/scratched finger junctures. They probably fought by hand fight because they had any weapon. The whole fight culminated nearby the cedar. The elk critically wound Dubininova(critical chest wound) and her teammate(critical head wound). Doroshenko and his buddy started to escape in cedar crown. After the attack, the elk/elks escaped in forrest. Doroshenko and his buddy were not be able to get down from cedar crown. Adrenaline has already left. They probably fall down because of hypothermy.  Now started a very hard dilema. The whole group was wound by some type. Somebody critically, somebody less.

Zolotaryov decided to split the group for 2 teams. 1 three member team and second 6 member team (respective 3 member team) because Doroshenko with his cedar teammate were probably dead and Dubininova was dying. Both of teams tried to rescue Doroshenko and his cedar teammate by set up the fire. This is the reason of burns on their bodies and clothes. When they infered it has no sence, they took out their clothes. Dyatlavov members were still able to making decissions!

Dyatlavov, Zina and thirdone established team which was less wound and which was much movement available then others and they started to movement back to the tent for warm clothes, aid, maybe some food. Zolotaryov team tried to establish a new base nearby the cedar. He dragged dying Dubininova in a new base together with Brinogles. She was probably still alive because Doroshenko and his cedar friend were left under the cedar. (It has not sence to move them also).

Zolotaryov group vainly waited for Dyatlov team support. The reason of position manipulated with bodies mean that they moved in "column formation" - unfight formation. On the front tip of formation was the weakness member, second position was position of less weak member, third one was the strongest member. They gradually fell off during movement and person behind them checked by back turn them and tried to took some clothes. At this time they could be circa 1 hour out of the tent. They died because of hypothermy. In second team I paradoxically think that Dubinova died as a penultimate. Because I think she layed in the middle (second position form left) of four persons in snow burial. Later her body was torn down in stream by melting snow. The last buddy (second on right, died as the last) - maybe next day. The members in the middle tried to use dead bodies as an insulate.

On the pictures of Zina`s body we can see something what looks like the grass on her trousers, but I think that it is too short for grass - I think this is the elk/elks hair.
The elk`s footprints are in my opinion also spotted on the picture of photographed footprint in the snow.

Dubininova missed her tongue because of ownself beat which was caused by hypotermy. She bite just a bit (100ml of blood) in stomach. The residue of tongue was eaten by microorganisms or animal. Because of blood smell presence). It is also the reason why was founded in Doroshenko`s mouth the residues of his skin. He tried to avoid of tongue wound because of teeth grinding.

I think that military / nuclear theorys does not make sence. Every bomb test requires an observer or observation group, who is monitoring the drop zone because of effects evaluation. Any observators will not give a green light to bomb drop in case of 9 people in drop zone area. Also was the night. Half of century with absence of night vision items - such an attempt would not make sense. If you test something - you want to see the effect. Not dark night.

Also why should goverment kill own citizens? (9, young, loyal engineers - the future and elite of Soviet union)...?

This theory could be proved or disproved by simply DNA test from Zina`s trousers. However this is probably unreal after 60 years.

Sending greetings from Czech!


Also about blood presence in Dubininova stomach...

If she had a critically chest wound - she probably had closed pneumothorax, so she coughed the blood and then she swallowed it.
I think there was a combination of herself (teeth) wound and pneumothorax.

My opinion :)

Have a nice day.

Nigel Evans:
It was never described as blood  -
"The stomach contains up to 100 cm3 of dark brown mucosal mass."
If the group left footprints wouldn't animals?

thank you for your point.

I saw many animal footprints in my life.
I was trained to recognize according the footprints many informations. (Weigh of person, if he is carring a bergen, if he is fagued, etc..) all this small informations could tell me who can be my enemy. (Special operations long range distance group, or just some infantryman, etc..) Footprints are not just a footprints. Footprints are very good informations for someone who can read it.

The first picture is from Dyatlavov case evidence and I see there a many animal footprints. And I think this are the elks footprints.
Secondone is the elk footprint.

The  dark brown consistence in Dubininova stomach probably was the blood - refer the closed pneumothorax effects. If the broken rib ripped the cor wall - then the broken ribs should defect also the lung. 

But its just my opinion.

nine sided die

Interesting theory. We have had many animal theories and this is one more variation on the theme. Always good to see new ways of looking at the mystery.  Elks are big animals and their presence would have left many traces. HOOF PRINTS, HAIR, SCAT, come to mind.
I just cant see how such a big animal probably running around all over the place would escape without leaving plenty of evidence ! ?   


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