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October 08, 2017, 10:13:00 AM
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Georgy Atmanaki  and Vladislav Karelin in Vizhai

Yuri Koptelov and Vladislav Karelin, photo by Vadim Brusnitsin 27 Feb 1959

Anyamov, ?, Ivanov (with the glasses),Cheglakov, Sharavin, Tipikin (down), Slobtsov, Akselrod, Brusnitsin (back), Sogrin, Atmanaki (down), Chernyshov, Halizov, Lebedev, Koptelov

Dyatlov Pass: Search operation 1595

Photos of the search party. People line up and start probing puncturing the snow every 50 cm all the way to the ground, then the probe was twisted and pulled out catching either blood, or clothes, hair, sometimes there was garbage.

Dyatlov Pass: Search operation 1595
The valley of the death of tourists and search technology
separately photographed master of sports E.P. Maslenikov - head of the search party


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October 15, 2017, 06:00:00 PM
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Excellent photo grouping.   okey1

I came across this gem at one time.  It appears to be Yuri, Zina and (not sure who else) placed next to the (big rock?) near the helicopter landing site to be extracted.  Although, I believe this picture has cause much controversy as some think the bodies were staged to begin with and this is proof etc.

May want to save this.

All theories are flawed....... Get Behind Me Satan !!!

October 16, 2017, 07:13:25 AM
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Seems genuine to me. They did need to relocate the bodies before lifting them. When I was googling the image I saw my FB cover https://www.facebook.com/dyatlovmania/ here http://forum.fortyck.pl/topic/1156-tragedia-na-przeleczy-diatlowa-12-luty-1959-r/page-30 if you scroll a little bit.

I will be redoing this whole section since I found https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/hibinafiles/album/272329/ and this is good example of why am I bothering with this site. I don't like the sorting, the repetition, and there is information about some photos elsewhere. I will be sifting, comparing and redoing the whole gallery.  twitch7

December 03, 2018, 06:50:53 AM
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What made the footprints stand out this way?

Considering they were discovered about three weeks after the incident, I would like to know more about how these crucial evidence was found!
What has the weather been like between Feb. 2nd and 26th? Regarding the consistence of snow at temperatures below 20 and less Celsius degrees I wonder how much snow drift did occur?


December 04, 2018, 03:19:28 PM
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What made the footprints stand out this way?
You find an answer here https://dyatlovpass.com/1959-search#the-tent in the statement given by Brusnitsyn