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Igor Dyatlov last postcard


On February 26, 1959, around 2 pm the group arrived in Vizhay. Dyatlov, as the leader of the trek, went to the local post office to send a telegram about their arrival at the checkpoint of the route. After checking in with AltaMater and the Sverdlovsk Political Bureau of extreme sports Igor asked the operator for a postal card form. He sent to his father Aleksei Alekseevich Dyatlov in Pervouralsk his last message writen on the back of a postal card. Rufa (Ruffina Alekseevna) is Igor's sister, a pupil in school No.12 in Pervouralsk.

Where: Sverdlovsk Region
city of Pervouralsk, Sotsgorod,
Sadovaya, 13.
To: A. A. Dyatlov
Sender's address: Vizhay

Hello everyone.
Today, 26, we leave on the route, we arrived well.
On February 12-15 I will visit Sverdlovsk. I probably will not go home, so let Rufa bring linen to our room for a trip to Penza.
From there I will return on March 5-7.


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