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Carbon monoxide posoning

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 But there is a reason there are no new posters here..

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I'm with Dona on this. I like Dona's questions. She / he, raises many awkward points, some may have been answered in the past but Dona is exploring this forum in a new way that personally I like. Took me a while to adapt but it is refreshing.

I'm on the Wolverine concept come avalanche or the winds. Next would be WABs infra sound but not seen any evidence for that. ...

Murder or KGB next but I can't see that due to the remote area.

Yeti, big foot, aliens .....nope

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Yes Dona brings something different to this Forum. Not everyone agrees that what he or she brings is any good though.

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Yeh, but I would guess that it could be said about all of us. We haven't found an explanation and many have been on this forum for years.

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We wont find an explanation without more Evidence. We can only put forward Theories or suggestions
 and then of course its back to the Evidence quandary.

We do know that the stove was NOT used. It was not needed. Although the tent was doubled up (two tents created into one) the need for a stove with 9 people was not needed. Just by the body heat, there was no need to set it up. 4 people per tent, and you have 9, it was pretty warm in there already. Matter of fact, I would not be surprised if a small door (like a doggie door) was created to let fresh air in because it was so warm. Canvas tents have a tendency to warm up quick being that warm air has nowhere to go.

As an aside, my father owned a canvas tent from the 1960's (big) and it warmed up quite quick. Opening a window was a MUST just to circulate the air in 30 degree weather.

As for carbon monoxide poisoning, The stove was not needed, it was found not used at all. Not even set up. Did they go crazy from their own breathing? You gotta doubt that because everyone but TWO people were inside the tent when the chaos happened.

No stove. No lack of air. Something happened that they could not control.


--- Quote from: NightLurker on April 30, 2021, 09:12:15 PM ---Opening a window was a MUST just to circulate the air in 30 degree weather.

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If this is Celsius then of course, but then it has no relevance to the Dyatlov Pass incident. If Fahrenheit, are you serious? Even buildings insulated to modern standards need heating if you want it to be warm inside in 30F (-1C) weather.

The tent was not "doubled up" as in double layer, it was extended to make it bigger. It was a single layer of canvas, I hope somehow waterproofed, otherwise it's completely useless but we don't even know if that was the case or not..


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