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Igor Dyatlov's ankle wounds

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--- Quote from: amashilu on December 06, 2022, 08:58:47 AM ---Ziljoe, in my earlier message, I promised to get you the names of the forensic pathologists who believe the evidence shows that the DPI died at the hands of other people; above I provided 3 or 4, and the other one whose name I couldn't remember is Eduard Tumanov:

--- End quote ---

Thanks amashilu 👍

I note that he also says amongst themselves and that the injuries may have happened earlier. This adds new thinking. Perhaps they were forced to camp on the slope. To me, the injuries are  to mild for a physical fight against others for survival. However, if someone pulled a gun out , this may have put a stop to any hand to hand combat. It's got me thinking though...

I think Tumalov says he does not try to distinguish whether they fought among themselves or against outsiders. He did not want to decide that. He was just sure that they were killed, rather than a natural accident such as an avalanche.

Tumalov is speculating, the same as the rest of us . As a professional he gives a possibility. That's it. He doesn't comment on other possibilities.


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