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Expedition July 30-August 11, 2022

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--- Quote from: GlennM on September 01, 2022, 01:49:14 PM ---Do we have autopsy evidence of milk consumption? This is an exciting find.

--- End quote ---

6 cans of condensed milk 250g are found in the labaz: Maslennikov notebook 2

Case files 8-10: Protocol inspection of the storage (labaz)

Well done. Very nice expedition in remote wilderness, I like that.
You've made amazing discoveries, the milk tin and trunk of fallen tree, possibly the culprit of traumatic wounds.

I've read your book 1079 and I will read it again, paying more attention to details.

Reading thin book called The Dyatlov pass Post Mortem now.
I am imaginating all of them climbing/hiding on tree and falling down. A branch could cause Zinaida's graze wound.

The found tin is evidence of camping near the cedar tree and trunk adds support to your theory of fallen tree onto ten.

Still scratching my head a lot, cannot accept the idea that someone was staging the scene, it's really hard to allow the possibility for me...  dunno1

Good luck putting the pieces of puzzle together !  thumb1

Teddy, were you observing the trunk in detail? I mean, was it uprooted?

If it were tampered in any way, than it would supports the suspicion of third-party involvement and reason to stage the scene to avoid court trial.

I see that it's massively covered with vegetation but if there is some method to visualize the trunk...would require technology and know-how, maybe it's not even feasible...  dunno1

It's quite possible that the evidence is still there and fragments appear from time to time, like that milk tin discovery...

Can't wait for result of radiocarbon dating...


--- Quote from: neni_cesty_zpet on September 02, 2022, 12:15:17 PM ---Teddy, were you observing the trunk in detail? I mean, was it uprooted?

--- End quote ---

It was it uprooted

It certainly seems improbable that hikers would leave their tent at elevation 880 and hike to the forest, some without proper clothes, but would carry a can of condensed milk.  Yet, it seems improbable that a tent crushed by a tree would be restored by conspirators to  the place where it was found by rescuers. I appreciate the commitment of those who pilgrimage to the location seeking closure and truth.


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