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Was it a crime!?


I find it interesting that someone felt that there was enough evidence to open a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT after the first bodies were found ! ?  And then when the last 4 bodies were found someone felt it was a case of NO CORPUS DELICTI seen, and closed the procedure.  Yet the finding of the last bodies, 3 of which were badly damaged, led to the area being off limits for several years.

If I recall correctly....  the pass being 'off limits' for X amount of years after is fake news. 

There seems to be some doubt about whether or not the Dyatlov Pass was out of bounds and if so for how long. I see no evidence of other Groups or Individuals going to that area in the few years after the tragedy.

Would you?

I would expect to see references to such visits to the area in view of the famous status that the Dyatlov Pass now has, ie, its become one of the Worlds great mysteries.


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