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The "Window" in the cedar tree

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One thing the searchers noted about the cedar tree and which has led to a fair amount of speculation is the "window" in the branches at 4-5 meters height. Below is a photograph showing the "window".

I suddenly had an idea, let's see what you think.

I imagine they started out breaking the branches close to the ground for their fire. But soon it must have dawned on them that if they kept doing it that way, from the bottom up, then sooner or later the next branch would be out of reach and it would be impossible to get more firewood from the cedar!

But if they climbed up a bit and got branches from there and then worked downwards, then they could get more from the tree.

That's my explanation, basically.

Then at some point they must have gotten too weak, or someone had a fall from the tree or something, and they reverted back to just breaking them off from the bottom again.

(Caveat: since there's very little physical evidence about who climbed there and why, this is of course speculation. We cant even know for sure that the Dyatlovs created the "window")

It was definitely the two Yuri's that climbed, they found their skin on the bark of the tree. Speculation was they climbed the tree to see the area of the tent and see if it was "clear." The fire burned for approximately 2 hours so they must have used more brush or dead wood from the area. There was a remark that there was suitable firewood around the area and the searchers wondered why it was not used instead of the cedar tree branches.

As I said, the tent only had the 3 cuts made in it horizontal and semi circular. The big cuts came from the  ice ax as the searchers hacked into it. So the hikers had to have left through the door. If they left through the door, what was the rush that they could not have put on proper clothing? This is the part that is unanswered for me.

As far as the ravine 4, it is possible they fell onto rocks at the ravine, but why were they all separated in the first place? The ravine 4 had such serious injuries they could not have navigated the way to the tree and den in the condition they were in, so they either fell or were pushed into the ravine.

The 3, Dyatalov, Rina and the other guy, must have been at the cedar tree because the den was only made for 4 persons, not 9.

I  believe they were separated or forced to be separated and interrogated which is standard procedure in most police investigations to separate and question, and get to the truth. This is speculation on my part.

So the ravine 4 were left alone at the area where they made the den.

If there were lots of rocks visible, this would speak to the reason why there were no snow footprints of any other persons or animals.

I also mentioned in another section the "false" crown Semyon had when his body was exhumed. That is a very strange thing to have a vacant crown. In the 50's and 60's spies were usually given a breakable capsule of cyanide or strictnine in case they were in a situation where they needed to kill themselves. It is possible that vacant crown was there for that reason. There is historical evidence that several Nazi officials used a cyanide capsule after being arrested for war crimes and used them after they were captured. It was a way to hide the capsule. Just another unanswered question.


Dear garybonds,
Can you mark "window" in the picture? I don't  dunno1 see anything that looks like a window. Thanks in advance.

Star man:
The witness testimonies of some of the search and rescue team speculate that the branches were cleared so that they could look back towards the tent.  They say that many of the small branches that were cut were not used for firewood and many were hanging on the lower branches of the cedar.

There is clear evidence that Yuri D climbed the cedar.  But one of the things that puzzles me is that the autopsy reports states that Yuris D had severe frost bite on fingers and toes that was so severe that he would have had to have them amputated.  So at what point did he get the severe frost bite?  You would not think that he would have got this after the fire had been lit?  If he had got the frost bite before he got to the cedar then would he have been in a fit state to climb the tree?  Probably not.  So did he get the fost bite after climbing the tree to collect fire wood and before the fire was lit?  If this were the case how much time did it take to collect the wood and start the fire?  Is it possible that Yuris D and the others climbed the tree to evade something and they clung onto the tree for some time before they decided it was safe enough to climb down and start a fire?  This would explain why Yuris D had such severe frost bite.  Maybe it just took a very long time to get the fire going?  There were many matches lying around the fire.  About 27ish comes to mind, but I'm not sure now.


Star man

The search team found plenty of other brush, dry limbs in the immediate area. The search team questioned why the hikers would have cut branches  from a green cedar tree,  which apparently would be a terrible way to start a fire, and did not use more of the brush/dry limbs in the area. So the theme that they were climbing the tree to get more tree limbs for the fire doesn't really fit into their situation. The Dyatlov Pass hikers mystery may never be determined, much like the Oak Island mystery, although personally I hope they both have answers.


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