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The "Window" in the cedar tree

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Star man:
They may have used some of the branches for fire wood, but overall the evidence seems to point to them climbing the tree to find safety IMO.

So if this is the case then what would climbing a tree provide safety from?  Humans or animals , possibly fear of avalanche?

Star man


--- Quote from: Star man on October 18, 2019, 04:21:36 AM ---So if this is the case then what would climbing a tree provide safety from?  Humans or animals , possibly fear of avalanche?
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There's no avalanche to be afraid of on that slope. At most a snow slab or slide could have hit the tent, but not anything that would worry them in the woods. Keep in mind that they also proceeded downhill in and orderly fashion, which would have taken some time under those conditions, so they couldn't have been all that concerned about an avalanche after leaving the tent. And I'm pretty sure Igor knew well enough what kind of slope they were on and that they weren't in any danger of an avalanche.

But it's possible he/they might not have considered a smaller slide event, although I doubt that's what happened.

Star man:
Yeah - an avalanche or snow slide is far from the top of my list of possible explanations.  But there is a chance that they may have feared a potential avalanche  - again though I agree that this is unlikely.


Star man


--- Quote from: jarrfan on October 17, 2019, 09:39:54 PM ---The search team found plenty of other brush, dry limbs in the immediate area. The search team questioned why the hikers would have cut branches  from a green cedar tree,  which apparently would be a terrible way to start a fire, and did not use more of the brush/dry limbs in the area. So the theme that they were climbing the tree to get more tree limbs for the fire doesn't really fit into their situation. The Dyatlov Pass hikers mystery may never be determined, much like the Oak Island mystery, although personally I hope they both have answers.

--- End quote ---

Yes there were plenty of other Trees that could have provided fire wood and easier to get at so why choose that particular tree  !  ?  I havnt changed My stance on this one and I believe they choose the tree to escape from something that was scaring them to death. The same thing that made them all leave the safety of their Tent. The same thing that drove the remainder to the so called Den in the Ravine, and where MUTILATIONS may have taken place.

My theory explaining worst wounds - happened under cedar

It's possible that they left the tent in bad weather with poor visibility...

Climbing takes a lot of energy. I think the reason why they were scavenging woods from this tree is because they did not want to walk in deep snow there, they were not
properly booted after all.
They decided to cut branches on this tree. Empty "window" on cedar was result of cut branches, not intended  to see in ten's direction.

The group was cooperating on this place around cedar to build fire. Two members were climbing the tree and cutting branches and two members were down,
picking up cut branches on ground below. I believe that it's possible that there was a spot without snow(or very little snow) under the cedar's treetop, that's
what I see sometimes in winter countryside.

But the heat of fire was not enough and they started developing hypothermia. The climbers vere surely standing on branches and it's possible that the branch under
their feet or bottoms suddenly cracked. Their limbs were already slighly numb at that moment. One or both fell down onto comrades who were picking up cut branches.
Zolotarev and Lyudmila were worst wounded...
They were holding the trunk for stability in treetop, but it caused them moderate scratches (and skin left on trunk) after branch under their feet(or bottoms in case
of sitting on tree) cracked.

Was the knife used for cutting branches found? Was it the same knife someone used for slashing the tent?  dunno1


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