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The "Window" in the cedar tree

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It is not possible to know exactly what this power is. But I can say that there is no genie and no devil. Because jinn and demons do not play games with people! They don't plan, they don't cheat. They want to kill them where they find them. There is no animal or natural disaster in the incident... That's for sure. The only answer must be a very advanced human being. Like Superman... Of course, some will find my thinking very utopian. They will say fantasy. But this is the only option left. He can also be a very advanced person. we don't know what human limits can do(?)... What kind of creature would a human be if he used 100% of his brain? Have you ever thought?

Even if you can see the slope from the forest, why not climb the tree to get a clear and wide view? Is it difficult? Climbing a tree is considered an easy task when there is mortal danger.

If it had been people attacking them, the group wouldn't have walked just 1 mile. They would walk at least 10 miles or even 20-30 miles and try to lose track of them. And they certainly wouldn't burn it in the fire. If there were people attacking me, I would run away as far as I could. That's what they did. The attackers were definitely not humans or Mansi.

Okay, I'm out. As long, as you make up facts fitting your theory and dismiss facts because they don't fit, instead of changing your theory, it doesn't make sense arguing with you. Keep on dreaming.

We must recall that the "window in the tree" is a mental construct. If someone left their glasses or jacket up there, that would be something. There is no advantage to looking for the tent from the tree, just follow the tracks from the tent. If the unknown compelling force was a threat, all nine would be up in the branches using sticks as spears to shoo it away. If they were looking for rescue, set a tree on fire. That gets attention. If they had to be liquidated, they were not made an example of...opportunity lost. If they were defecting, they were in the wrong direction. Just saying...


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