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From the autopsy"

"Left leg – part of the leg and foot are covered with burned grey wool cloth from a jacket with its sleeve"

Are we sure this was from Georgy?


--- Quote from: Dona on April 24, 2021, 10:25:34 AM ---It prolly would have but, they dont have eyes on their toes :) It will have the most effect on the weakest point.

I would risk it (going  back).. Death for sure if you dont. Early on, anyway.. Take a blanket and lay it out.. put supplies on it and drag it.. 5 minutes.. Its worth the risk..

--- End quote ---

It's not 5 minutes... 1,5km is more 15 minutes at least, 20-25 when you're slow (because you're cold).
The searh crew talk about wind of 70km/h. Let's take just 50km/h.
According to the diaries, it was around -20, -25°C the previous days. That make it already up to -40°C with windchill. Hight risk of hypothermia and frosbite within 5-10 minutes, says Wikipedia.
In the wood, if they manage to find a place with no wind -the ravine, or just build a little shelter, the risk is said "low", up to -25°C.

And you feel it as soon as you get wind. Not 2 minutes later : after 10 seconds, you know if it's too cold or not. They would not have been back on the slope.

I meant early on, when it was feasible.. I mean Luda was  outside with nothing from the waist down,  but her panties, stockings and a garter belt..  Igors coat was outside the tent..

 I cant think of anything that would cause them to leave like that, short of a gun to their heads.

Yep, but if they left the tente that way because of something lasing long enough to drive them 1,5km away (15 minutes), would they go back right away ?
Any theory who can explain them going down that far, with so few clothes, pretty much implies no quick return...

I mostly totally can't understand how, going down in deep snow without shoes in cold weather, they end up in hypothermia but with only one or two showing frostbitten toes. Either they should not have die because the cold was not so bad, either MY feet would have been black frozen before I was at the cedar !
(for hands, they have pockets. ... It's pretty hard to walk with your feet in your pockets ! )

I agree. something kept them away.. It had to be bad.. Returning to the tent would depend on what that was..

Yes, I wondered that too.. Why so little frostbite..  Maybe the walking itself kept the circulation moving and warded if off..Maybe..

And I am with you.. anything less than 75 degrees and  i have my fuzzy slippers on :) Southern girl here


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