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I have him lying down too. Face down..  He has dual , bilateral temporal  wounds..  AND, he has a  bleeding in the  kidney/adrenal area. Something hit him on the back.. So, face down..

I havent eliminated an attack yet so, all these injuries could be from  an attack.. but, for now,  Im going with them lying down..They are NOT from a  fall however.

I am troubled by the fact that Simons and Rustems  temporal wounds seem very similar in size and location.

Ohhh, there are  2 "Injuries" boards.. No wonder I am confused..

The eyes were dislodged while they were ALIVE.. SO, no, they didnt get eaten by rats etc. or washed out by the stream.. For Luda, this would have been within, maybe 20 minutes.  I assume no one in the group plucked them out..

 They most likely popped out on their own with the crushing bodily injuries that Luda and Simon sustained.


 Another temple wound.. and buttocks bruise  So, Face down, most likely.. If butt bruise is connected.. hard to say..

Zena.. She has the 5th temple area wound.. And a bruise to her waist area.. So, without better description of that bruise.. I would say face down or side lying


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