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Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'

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--- Quote from: KFinn on September 19, 2021, 12:00:38 PM ---There has also been an "attack" of this sort outside the White House.  At least one person was struck by the Havana Syndrome style symptoms in a gateway, I believe, right outside of the White House.  I think that was when the US started actually taking this seriously, as opposed to ignoring the various military members who had symptoms.  There is an account by a military member of the VA ignoring his symptoms and not giving him care.  Eventually, he was able to show proof of a brain injury stemming from the incident.

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I had heard about it in other countries, but not here; I'd love to know more. Do you have a preferred source for this particular story, or should I just Google it?


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