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Menk/Yeti: Something weird is going on to shut down discussion of this theory


Just posted to the thread below regarding the Menk's face:

"Ok. I can finally see the photos again and the new ones posted by Manti. Manti, those photos are really good. I personally can clearly see the face on this individual/Menk...though not so defined as the close ups Ive shared based on another contributors photo work. Again, the question remains...why haven't well known Big Foot/Cryptid Researchers ever undertaken indepth/professional investigations of this photo? There is so much that can be scientifically/forensically gleaned from such an investigation. There of course are going to be those Dyatlov enthusiasts who will always discount from the get go any Menk theory. But if a responsible many Dyatlov experts claim to be...this photo, combined with 1) the warnings from the Mansi regarding the threat of violence at the hands of Menk at this very location and
2) the Dyatlov Groups own writings...should REQUIRE any responsible investigator to do a sober/indepth inquiry into the Menk/Yeti theory.  But silence. People will not even address the oddness of why even Big Foot researches aren't doing this work. Something very strange is going on here. Again, the Patterson-Gimblin film has been forensically analyzed a million times...yet not once has this Menk photo.  As for why I was bizarrely unable to view any image in this thread for a the better part of a week...something indeed strange is going on."


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