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January 28, 1959 morning, worker Velikyavichus Stanislav was sent to 2-North mine with two horses pulling a sled on iron pipes. These draft horses transported hikers equipment.  On January 29, in the barracks of the 41st district I met worker Velikyavichus who led the sled. I asked him how did they get there. He replied that they arrived safely. (Dryahlyh Mihail Timofeevich)

On January 27 I was approached by a man and a woman and asked if I can provide a horse to carry their things and products to the 2nd North mine, which is located 22 km from 41st district. I gave them a horse and a carter Velyukyavichus Stanislav Aleksandrovich. On January 28, 1958 at about 10 am, they left with him to the 2nd North mine. (Ryazhnev Georgiy Ivanovich)

At the direction of the chief of the section, Comrade Razhnev, I accompanied these hikers to 2nd North village they went on skis and I transported their backpacks on a sled. We arrived at the village of the 2nd North at eleven o'clock in the evening, where at that time in the village there was no one of the citizens and in general no one lived there. (Valyukyavichus Stanislav Aleksandrovich)

The lads made a deal with the locals for a horse to drive us to Second North settlement. But it will be about 24 km from the 41st Settlement. We helped Uncle Slava unload hay from a carriage and waited for the horse (it went to get more hay and wood). We waited until 4:00 PM. (...) Horse is slow. (...) It's getting dark. The horse is causing the delay. (Doroshenko in Group's diary)

So, at the highest level of hierarchy, Dryahlyh thought the tourists were allowed "two horses pulling a sled on iron pipes", he checked with Valyukyavichus if they arrived safely. At a lower level of hierarchy, with Ryazhnev, we learn that in reality, they were only allowed one horse and that they left at 10:00. At another lower level, the one of the man who led the horse, we completely forget about the number of horses and hour of departure. And in Group's diary we learn that in reality the tourists left at 16:00, not 10:00.

They were supposed to leave at 10:00 with 2 horses, they actually left at 16:00 with only one and slow horse. Did somebody want to slow down the tourists and make sure they spent the night at Northern 2 ?
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