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Avalanche Theory for Dyatlov Pass Incident is Bolstered by New Study

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--- Quote from: Squatch on March 16, 2022, 07:26:39 PM ---I now think the simplest of all things happened. This view is not popular because of the emotions people have around nine youthful hikers dying a horrible death. It just doesn't seem fair, and it wasn't.
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It's not because of emotions. It's because the simplest explanations don't explain enough of the details of the case, and involve some contradictions. I'm not sure any theory does, but the tree fall one and staging of the tent up the slope to cover up the accident that Teddy's book puts forward comes close.


--- Quote from: Sunny on March 31, 2022, 05:13:09 AM ---Theres not enough snow to create an avalanche in my opinion

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I don't find the avalanche theories very convincing. The people on the scene at the time didn't find evidence for one, and most people who have travelled to the mountain since then to check out theories don't think so either. Plus you still have to explain what happened after they left the tent and why three of them tried to go back to the tent if it was so covered by snow that they abandoned it without digging out their warm clothing in the first place. Doesn't make sense.

Borzenkov's analysis of Puzrin-Gaume avalanche theory

Borzenkov sends his regards to all forum members. He is in poor health hence his absence from the forum.

An excellent analysis by Dr Borzenkov.

Is this Teodora who started this thread? The Orginal Poster of this thread looks like her, the owner of this site ( / Administrator). But she has a completely different theory than the avalanche theory, at least this is shown in the documentary I have seen on this topic, "Djatlov-Mystery" shown on Servus TV, Germany, for instance. Yet in this thread she titles "Avalanche Theory for Dyatlov Pass Incident is Bolstered by New Study" - as if she was convinced now, suddenly, of the avalanche theory?


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