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February 04, 2024, 05:04:43 AM
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Let me introduce myself. My name is Richard. I am a historical consultant who resides in the province of Quebec in Canada.

I learned about the tragedy of the Dyatlov group two years ago.
I am touched by what happened to these people who still had their lives ahead of them with an intelligence that allowed them to have great careers. I was also touched by this simple and nice camaraderie which united them and which can be seen in the photos taken by the group during their hike towards the Otorten mountain. Hiking was for them a moment of surpassing oneself involving responsibilities but also a way to experience this freedom which was so lacking in everyday life under the communist regime of the time. My interest in the subject does not fade. It must also be said that the hikers were, except for Zolotaryov, from my father's generation who, at 90 years old, is also passionate by the case.


February 04, 2024, 05:45:51 AM
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Thanks for your welcome and for everything you do to safeguard the memory of the Dyatlov group and so that the truth may one day emerge regarding this tragedy.