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In the Who's Who, the Russian version says :

Секретарь по промышленности, секретарь РК ВКПб в гг.Туринск (c 1942) и Н.Ляля (c 1945).

and the English version :

Secretary for Industry, Secretary of the CC of VCP(b) in Turinsk (from 1942) and N. Lyalya (from 1945).

But google trad translate "секретарь РК ВКПб в гг.Туринск" this way :

"Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks in Turinsk"

Reading "РК" as "Republic of Kazakhstan" ?

Which one is the correct translation ?

The big scandal in nearby Tavda in which Kolevatov's father was probably involved was about mobilized workers coming from the republics of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Prodanov who was head of the operational search team (Ivdel) from Mar 13, 1959, was also head of the production division of the VostUralLag of the NKVD (Fabrichniy,TAVDA) from 1938 to 1942, in the same small town where Sacha Kolevatov's father died of accident. Prodanov knew the Kolevatovs from Tavda...

See :
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Jean Daniel Reuss

While I do not agree with all the points made above, in the main post

Charles  :  The murder of Serguey Kolevatov in Tavda and its collateral damages   --->  June 27, 2022, 02:34:31 PM

nor with the additional details in Reply #1(June 28), Reply #2(July 01), Reply #3(August 22),

 the designation of Ivan Stepanovich PRODANOV (a regional notable who belonged to the NKVD) as the main possible culprit of the massacre of the 9 kikers,  may fit with my TOK theory , which is directly derived from Aleks Kandr :

However, I read ( PRODANOV died in 1964, was buried in Ivdel. Wife - Mariya Ermolaevna Prodanova. The Prodanovs had 8 children. As of 2015 - two daughters are alive:   Alevtina Ivanovna Laskina (lives in Ivdel) and Olga Ivanovna Melakhina (Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh region).

If I were to name Ivan Stepanovich PRODANOV as a possible commander (or perhaps even as the number 1 suspect) of the sending of 3 experienced contract killers on the slope of Kholat Syakhl, with the mission to crush the 9 hikers (remaining after the return of Yuri Yudin) with the additional imperative of leaving no survivors, then I would be going out of the framework of the History of the USSR, to enter into slander aimed more or less directly at living persons.

It is necessary to expose this problem to the persons in charge of this website:

Teddy : Administrator
Loose}{Cannon : Global Moderator
sarapuk : Case-Files Achievement Recipient

and await their instructions.

Jean Daniel Reuss

Rational guidance =

• There is nothing supernatural and mysterious about the injuries suffered by the Dyatlov group. They are all consistent with an attack by a group of professional killers who wanted to take the lives of the nine  [Per Inge Oestmoen].

• Now let us search for answers to: WHO ? WHY ? HOW ?

• The scenario must be consistent with the historical, political and psychological  contexts.

• The solution takes in consideration all known findings.

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PK is cyrillic, P = R, so R.K., Republic of Kazakhstan.


August 28, 2022, 04:47:05 AM
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Thank you Manti. So, Prodanov's position would have been of a kind of representative acting in behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan ? That is to say the mobilized workers from the Central Asia republics were still an issue in the region, the trial of the director of the Verkhniaia Tavda woodworking plant didn't really change anything as they appointed a Russian to represent the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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November 03, 2022, 01:44:14 AM
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PK is cyrillic, P = R, so R.K., Republic of Kazakhstan.

I found the correct answer:

RK means Raionnyi komitet (District Committee)