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Author Topic: Tent: how many photos to make one photo?  (Read 116 times)

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November 23, 2022, 03:34:07 AM
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"The tent was suspended on a rope. Two photos were made that consequently didn't fit together very well, but the problems didn't end there:"

One photo used for the left side was not only joined, but also cut with a lancet:

The two black verticals lines on the wall in the background are the same line.

And the folds don't match at all: photos taken with manipulations of the tent between the shots. The right photo is the oldest, and the left photo the most recent: and damage was added between the two shots. The yellow arrows point at the same cut made on the other side of the tent: the same part appears twice. But there is a new cut on the left photo: on the right photo the fabric with its folds is intact.  When adding extra length to the tent, the photographer was also hiding the damage caused to the tent in that room...

There are at least 2 photos that have been stitched together. But there could be more...

Whoever made this montage did either a fair job or the poorest, according to his intentions.

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November 24, 2022, 03:25:32 AM
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Churkina was absolutely unable to describe correctly the tent in her report:

Her comments about the cuts do not prove anything, and certainly not that the cuts were made from the inside. She failed to give a correct account of the length, number and position of cuts, how could she pretend to tell from which side they were made? She based her argument on scratches but didn't tell if all cuts were accompanied with scratches and how many scratches didn't accompany cuts. She even produced a photo with a scratch at a 45° angle form the cut. Her report is just a collection of professional shortcomings.

And by the way, the whole investigation is the same: what was done seriously, what was clear, strong and reliable, we can't say... Description of the tent? Botched. Photo of the tent? Botched. Photos of the corpses? Botched. Autopsies? Botched. Witnesses? Tampered. Prosecutors? Ordered to close the case and to make a forgery of the resolution to close the case. There is nothing clean and reliable, everything was messed up.

So some cuts were long, some short, they could be horizontal, vertical, in diagonal, and some were not larger than the width of a blade: at some places, the knife just pierced the fabric. These smallest cuts had to be made at the beginning, when the fabric was under tension, and they could tell what was the type of the blade: single or double edged. But Churkina was not interested with the knife. These small cuts were made from the outside, the blade(s) entering inside the tent. Then were made larger cuts, and finally the longest cuts which allowed the hikers to exit the tent. These small cuts mean that the first strikes at the fabric were not done to open the tent, not even to look through the fabric, but only to make a blade passing through the tent.

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November 25, 2022, 06:11:10 AM
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These damages do not correspond to "cutting" but to "stabbing":

They are of no use either to exit the tent or to see through the fabric, they mean the tent was stabbed here, not "cut".

If the hikers were in such a hurry to exit the tent, why did they spent time and energy to stab their tent, then to make larger but still useless cuts, then only in the end large cuts to exit?

The multiple stabbing of the tent is another issue denied by the theories defending an alleged "accident", it's always the same story: when reality is unpleasant, just erase it from the picture. Ivanov dared to write "considering the absence of external injuries" in this resolution to close the case... What could they say? The tent "accidentally fell on a knife"?

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November 25, 2022, 09:07:21 PM
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Игорь Б.

Видно, что проколы сделаны изнутри. Также видно, что человек пытался начать резать ткань, но у него не получилось.
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November 27, 2022, 05:27:44 PM
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The fabric was shaken and teared by the wind, the fibers were pulled and torn, fibers at the place of a same cut were pulled on both sides of the fabric. And it looks like Churkina was making arbitrary differences between cuts and tears... Given the abundance of material that can be seen on the doctored photo of the tent, her report corresponds to one hour of soviet work. They spent more time doctoring the photo than studying damages made to the tent (to be fair, they spent time causing more damage)... Is there even a count of the cuts? How many cuts were on the tent? On her sketch, many cuts are missing and she invented cuts that can't be seen on the photo...

And Churkina's argument is not that "it can be seen from the photos" like you say, her argument is about scratches seen with a microscope. She couldn't tell just by seeing the photos or the fabric itself, without a microscope. But her interpretation of these scratches is imagination: she didn't say if there were scratches on intact parts of the tent, she didn't say if there were cuts without scratches, and even if we agree with her explanation, she didn't differentiate scratches on the sides of a cut and the one scratch she allegedly found in the continuation of a cut.

Anyway she was working on a criminal case with 9 dead people and whose conclusion could be 9 homicides, and...

...she was the Picasso of forensics. lol4

And we still don't know how many frames were used to doctor the photo of the tent.
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