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Title: Terminal burrowing
Post by: Osi on February 11, 2022, 02:43:41 AM
Citing an article published by German scientists in 1995, he discovered that people in the last stages of hypothermia were trying to prepare a final shelter for themselves (like wild animals preparing a nest for hibernation). (terminal burrowing with a primitive instinct). I find it useful to look at the situation of Rustam, Igor and Zinaida. If the corpse is lying on the ground or has been left on the ground by someone, the corpse will remain on the hardened snow and will not be buried in snow. In the following days, if it snows or is carried downhill, a pile (sarcophagus) will form on the corpses. The bodies were found buried under 20-50 cm of snow as is known. Based on these data... Can we say that the workers who could not reach the tent are still alive and instinctively prepared a burial pit to protect themselves?
(https://i.ibb.co/D8ppC0J/20220211-131243.jpg) (https://ibb.co/ZYmm8qj)

(https://i.ibb.co/N9p3wkc/20220211-131455.jpg) (https://ibb.co/VgDNXhf)

(https://i.ibb.co/Qn0GLcv/20220211-131639.jpg) (https://ibb.co/rM9JYt2)

(https://i.ibb.co/FxSCJFJ/Rustem-Slobodin-post-mortem-1.jpg) (https://ibb.co/bWSDLkL)
Title: Re: Terminal burrowing
Post by: GlennM on February 11, 2022, 04:43:21 PM
Interesting!  Would it be reasonable to say that the three were driven to complete their task and did not dig in. Digging in would signify defeat as in giving up the quest. If they died as heros, they should have a snow sarcophagus because they would not dig in.  To be discovered as they were may happen from falling snow that was not blown by the winds.
Title: Re: Terminal burrowing
Post by: Osi on February 12, 2022, 09:17:20 AM
Zinaida was in the closest position to the tent. It was probably on the same line with the footprints descending from the tent. The traces determined were passing over or very close to Zina. The characteristic of the footprints shows that there was no effective snowfall between February 2nd and 26th. The last effective precipitation was January 31st - February 2nd. The wind blows all the time for the next 25 days. The footprints are preserved. Well, if the tracks weren't closed, why were Zinaida and the other two people right next to the tracks found under 20-50 cm of snow. Yes, they were trying to reach the tent. They wanted to hug the blankets. It wasn't raining mush, but hard blizzard was hitting their faces from the top. They resisted until the last moment, the legs became inoperable. This is where the primary consciousness came into play. Just before death came, they dug a hole in the snow. Not knowing that this hole would be useless...
Title: Re: Terminal burrowing
Post by: GlennM on February 13, 2022, 07:23:30 AM
Osi, your hypothesis is good and it is based on research. My idea was about the heroic hikers not giving up. It  must presuppose that the cold had no effect on their decision making ability. Perhaps this is wrong. However, they were alert enough to move in the correct direction as long as possible. If you are correct, then digging into the snow for protection is understandable  and defiant. It is heroic. What brave souls they were.