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Title: Two garbage
Post by: Osi on February 17, 2022, 09:16:27 AM
I was looking for Nostalgic Russian Made (matches) on the internet. In the 60s, I saw that it was produced as 50 or 40 garbage in matchboxes. I couldn't find any other builds. Only Rustam and Kolavetov's matchboxes were found in crime scene autopsies. There were no matches in the tent. The Kolavetov matchbox was empty. 48 garbage was counted in Rüstem's box. I have thought a lot about what this determination will bring us, and have come up with nothing but weak assumptions. a) It was Rüstem who lit the fire, he used two matches and put them in his pocket. was healthy. He was wounded on both sides of his head on the way to the tent (how can I be convinced of this?) b) It was Kolavetov who lit the fire and finished all his matches. Rustam is already injured. c) Kolavetov did not have (matches). He was just carrying a spare empty box to light the match. d) If there is a blizzard, lighting a fire with two matches is a great skill. If this was not possible, the fire was lit by others.