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On behalf of the forum crew, let me welcome you aboard Dyatlov Pass Forum. This forum is a spin off from the message board on We’ve just hit our cruising altitude of 3000 posts and I have turned off the ability to leave messages, which means you are now free to move about the forum. However, for your own benefit, please register in case you encounter any unexpected facts or thoughts you might want to comment on or share with us.

Though I’ve turned off the maintenance mode, please note the “no cursing” light will remain on throughout the session, in compliance with FA (Forum Administration) regulations. You may not litter the boards and mods prohibit tampering with the spam detectors. Feel free to babble, tattle and preach on, though. Those aren’t forum crimes. Not yet!

On behalf of your forum crew, please, sit back and enjoy your trip.


--- Quote from: CalzagheChick ---Actually Teddy what I was thinking about a lot lately is that you do seem very adamant that the remains in the Zolotaryov grave are not the remains of Semyon. And at first I didn't understand why you could be so quick to express that sentiment in light of those DNA results from KP. But this morning it kind of struck me that you spoke to some effect that Semyon had gold teeth and when the exhumation failed to produce gold teeth you seemed rather shocked when you were doing the radio show. Is this why you believe more or less that a John Doe rests in Semyon Zolotaryov's grave?

--- End quote ---

I am not quick with or withholding information because I have underlying understanding (I am not going to even use the theory word) about what is going on. Loose}{Cannon thinks I am unbiased where I am just slow. I don't have the luxury to process the information and form an opinion. You are saying I reacted to the fact the skull didn't have a single golden cap. It wasn't because of what it meant, it was because I had written on the site that he had golden teeth so I had to go all over the sources and see who said it, where did I take it from, because everything on this case is copied from somewhere. The heroism is to find a good source, that's all. The golden teeth were all over the internet. Every site mentions it. It took me days to track it down to Sogrin. To me the fact means nothing. I was worried what else did I take from this source and was it trusted. I didn't think the person in the grave is not Zolotaryov, one has to first trace the source who said he had golden teeth. The skull is real, the information is.... nothing in this case is solid.

My goal and role has always been to publish information in the structure of the site ( which means translating. The rare publications I have in the forum are my meager contribution to your party. On the site I need to find a proper image, clean, translate, or write. I don't just post what comes into mind or publish a link. This is the difference between social media, forums and the site. It takes longer to publish. One fact is true - for a journalist there is nothing more sacred than their sources. I just lost mine. So it will take much longer to dig up facts and it won't be the same. When I start writing something about Dyatlov Pass I have questions on every step. Questions that take days, and months to find the answer to. In the case of KP it takes me one day to transfer their article into the site with all embedded audio and video and then translate it and publish under the rubric where I have related articles. So it is faster than when I write an article. This is why the DNA results came faster, and not because I have a sentiment in light of those DNA results. I was watching KP because I was waiting for the article where they will publish the image below, because I knew Loose}{Cannon wanted to publish whatever he wanted to publish. I told him to wait for this article to come out, because to me this image would make a nice centerpiece.

I don't know if you watched Channel 1 video but the expression on Tatyana Versegova's face said it all - Channel 1 went behind their back and did a second DNA. So the next KP article would not be about the scapula because they had the DNA sensation on their hands. This photo belongs to KP and will not be published, most likely because the KP is fed up with the scandals surrounding Dyatlov case.

I also noticed that Loose}{Cannon is challenging me on the topic of where do I see evidence of murder. Please, take my word for it, I am so tired and so behind everything I want to publish, that I do not have an opinion. I just tried to play along, and I do not want to start another scandal. I don't know if they were murdered, or how. I find it hard to believe that the man in the grave is not Zolotaryov not because of the evidence, but just purely intuitively not wanting to take this step into the twilight zone. It is not supported by any facts. I am just along for the ride. Peace.

This is a lot of information to digest. But I completely get it. And I respect it. I respect the fact that every time something comes out, you're having to second guess sources and trace facts back to their origin. I remember reading about a golden smile in the Six Hours To Live book that I read fairly recently. I specifically remember that sentence because it's one of the first times other than through you that I saw a reference to gold teeth.

I have owed you an apology from the beginning not because of some new understanding, but because I was simply angry that at 5:00am, I went to log on and the forum was just gone "due to differences" which meant that all of our arguments and conversations were just gone. I was mad that we weren't given a heads up to save anything we might want like a good argument we wrote or had with another member. I had no idea that it would be back up hours later. I had no idea when it came back up that it would stay up or what was going to happen with the entire scandal that broke. So, I apologize sincerely for taking my anger out directly on you, Teddy. You did not deserve it. This whole thing that happened isn't something of your doing. I don't believe you've had malicious intent.

All of that being said, my apology I extend to you and you alone, not other parties involved. I saw many things happening and from my end it still looks bad. Obviously I don't have a full story. There are two sides to everything and you have your reasons for taking whatever actions you find necessary. I don't think you're the type to make rash decisions. I think you make calculated decisions. But from our view, it really just looked like you were being bullied and somebody else had a stronghold on your work.

I realize now that it's none of my business. It never was. So please accept my apologies as they are as sincere as sincere gets. I'm just a devout Catholic American that wants answers but not at the price it seems it's costing. I think I care more about their dignity now than I do about knowing for a fact what happened to those kids.

I guess that's the beauty of this whole thing. My view is evolving.

I suspended the forum so we can all get some sleep and stop posting things we will regret. No apologies needed and all accepted. I think this case is driving everybody mad. I am taking some time off because I was really hurting. I hope you will behave, not only towards me, but towards each other.


--- Quote ---and stop posting things we will regret
--- End quote ---

That would be me!     bang1


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