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Acute Stress Reaction

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--- Quote from: Lupos on January 24, 2021, 07:52:27 AM ---This is the 2nd ABSTRACT.

The full article will be edited further.
If necessary, I will renew the abstract and insert it here with another link. Absolut Virus free. A German T-Online Cloud.
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I have just read it.  Its well put together.  But I have many issues with your assertation.  Lets start with the Tent.  You say that it was in bad condition.  But we have no way of knowing the exact condition of the Tent. We have seen photographs. Some of those old canvas type Tents were very strong. I have used a similar type in extremely windy conditions, actually gale force conditions that blew Trees down around me. As for the holes well the only holes Iam aware of are the ones caused by Cuts. I see your Tent in the experiment blew over and probably fairly easily. The Dyatlov Tent was firmly fixed to the ground. Now you say that the Katabatic wind really got going from 7PM and that the wind from above started at 11PM. Now if that were the case it means that the Dyatlov Group would have had plenty of time to think about the situation and do something about it. Obviously they evacuated the Tent very quickly without stopping to dress properly or gather together their essentials.


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