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Author Topic: Frame 34 and Zolotaryov's camera roll.  (Read 280 times)

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June 05, 2022, 02:23:37 PM
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I'm just here to add my 3 cents to the matter. I have some limited knowledge on film photography and old russian cameras. In my opinion the famous frame 34 may depict an aperture inside a lens. The middle "dot" is in the shape of an octagon and on the left side of the picture is rounded off. Russian lenses at the time most often had an aperture consisting of 8 leafs. You can see a 7 leaf aperture on a later russian lens here: I'm not sure how taking such picture would be possible without the lens being damaged or improperly mounted. The only explanation I have is that someone might have tried to take a photo through 2 lenses by positioning a spare one in the front of the mounted one. But I have no clue why would someone try to do this. As for the photos from Zolotaryov's camera. I believe that most of them may be showing snow particles on the lens since what we have are only small portions of them. The first one was most likely damaged by water or was exposed while loading the film into the camera.