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Ivanov Later Believed In Ball Lightning

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There is nothing personal about a split topic.  This is simply split from another thread.....   If you want a dif title,  edit the OP. 

Nigel Evans:
Why don't you edit it as it's your thread?


--- Quote from: Nigel Evans on November 05, 2018, 06:19:41 AM ---Why don't you edit it as it's your thread?

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Do what?

Its your topic of discussion.... your posts.  I didn't post under your name. If I did, you would see my edit details at the bottom.  Its called splitting a topic.  This isn't rocket science, nor is it worthwhile complaining about. 

Your getting off-topic...  again. 

So Ivanov believed in ORBS.  But he doesnt actually say BALL LIGHTNING.  Also, it seems that then as now there is no certainty that those things seen in the sky were Ball lightning.

When I hear the name  'Ivanov', I think of THE person that is responsible for the worst investigation known to mankind.   Why am I not surprised his failure as an investigator and inability to conduct a proper and thorough investigation lead to him making excuses later in life?   It ranks up there with 'the dog ate my homework'. 

Its a canard.... a farce, made by a pathetic and otherwise incompetent pompus azz that couldn't solve his way out of a wet paper bag.

Its either that, or he was part of a cover-up in which I would have to select a different set of colorful characterizations for.


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