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Are the basic facts of the 1993 Korovina group incident well established?

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Unfortunately, I feel some documentaries are not as good as they used to be. This is compounded by personal experience. Too many experts that contradict , although this may be down to the TV production.

 I wouldn't agree that all documentaries are well researched , I would say that , by enlarge they are made to entertain, (as to not lose viewing figures). I do recall enjoying channel 4 documentaries but find that the internet can actually give and support better evidence in some cases. I am also aware of how some program makers , even the news are trained to write.

I would agree that the data for Russia on the league table is probably incorrect for the points you make but that would also be true for many of the other countries.

Anyway, I'm getting lost in my own thoughts. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, even if Russia has or had  the highest number of serial killers , I can't make the leap or link to that being the reason for murder in this instance.

Every country has murders or serial killers. It doesn't matter where they come in on the world  table.

It would be enough to suggest the group was murdered by the sole survivor and may be a serial killer. There is no need to add or link that , Russia has the highest number of serial killers, the statement has no purpose.

So, if we are talking non-sequitur. What I read from your logic. Russia has the highest serial killers, therefore the girl killed all the other hikers as she is Russian. ?

Isn't she Kazakh?


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