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The act of investigating the body of Thibault Brignoles

Sheet 352

Hor. Ivdel

ACT № 8

Forensic medical examination of the corpse.

May 9, 1959. According to the decree of the criminal prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk Regional Prosecutor's Office from 7.Yu.59, the forensic expert of the regional forensic medical examination office in the Sverdlovsk Region revived, in the presence of the prosecutor-criminalist of the Sverdlovsk Regional Prosecutor's Office, Justice Adviser Ivanova LN, forensic expert Churkina GA, in the premises of the morgue of the sanitary unit n / a 240, in the daylight the corpse was investigated. Thibo-Brignol Nikolay Vasilyevich, 23 years old, to establish the cause of death.

The circumstances of the case:

January 23, 1959 a group of tourists consisting of 9 people went on a ski trip on the route of the mountains. Ivdel - Mount Oorten. I.II.59, the tourists started climbing and stopped at an altitude of
1079 in the evening. During the night of IIII.59, all the participants of the march died.

A. Outdoor inspection:

On the sectional table there is a male corpse in clothes: a woolen knitted, green color, a sports cap with three round holes in a size of 3 x 3 cm, located in front, is dressed and tightly tied. A canvas khaki fur hat with a zip fastener, the helmet is tightened with a lace. A canvas green fur jacket on the sheepskin, zip fastener, with two patch pockets. In the right pocket woolen, grayish gloves, in the left pocket, metal coins: 10 kopecks, 20 kopecks. and 2 copecks, two folded pieces of paper, a comb. Woolen shabby suits, dressed on the left side. A blue, worn knit shirt, which has damage to the tissue of the oval shape of 2 x 3 cm on the right and below. On the left forearm are two hours: a sport watch that shows 8 hours, 14 minutes, 24 seconds. Watch "Victory" show time 8 hour.39 minutes. On their feet are almost new gray felt boots. On the right leg is a white woolen sock hand-knitted, on the left foot is the same sock. Brown woolen socks are crumpled and located in the felt boots, respectively, insole. The corpse wore cloth warm winters, the cuffs of which were buttoned, the leather belt with a metal [heavy] buckle. Under these trousers are dressed cotton, blue, sports trousers and black satin panties. In the pocket of xxxxx of the upper trousers, a white button and a metal chain from the wall clock are found. the cuffs of which are buttoned, the leather belt with a metal [heavy] loy buckle. Under these trousers are dressed cotton, blue, sports trousers and black satin panties. In the pocket of xxxxx of the upper trousers, a white button and a metal chain from the wall clock are found. the cuffs of which are buttoned, the leather belt with a metal [heavy] loy buckle. Under these trousers are dressed cotton, blue, sports trousers and black satin panties. In the pocket of xxxxx of the upper trousers, a white button and a metal chain from the wall clock are found.
After the removal of clothing found: the corpse of a male, the correct constitution, a satisfactory diet, 174 cm in length. Cadaverous spots of lilac-greenish color are located on the posterior-lateral surfaces of the thorax, neck and extremities. The rigor mortis was resolved in muscle groups. Skin covers of the face, trunk and extremities of a greenish color with the sliding of the surface layer of the epidermis. The head has black hair up to 8 cm long. The forehead is high, sloping posteriorly. Eyebrows black, thick. My eyes are closed. Eyeballs are far fused into the eye sockets. Cornea cloudy, dry. Iris dark green, mucous eyelid pale gray. The back of the nose is straight. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The bones of the nose are intact to the touch. In the area of ​​the upper jaw on the left, the defect is

Sheet 353

- 2 -

soft tissue irregular oval shape measuring 3 x 4 cm with thin, slightly crushed edges, with exposure of the alveolar edge of the upper part.
Teeth are even, white. The mouth is open. The lips are pale gray. The tongue in the oral cavity. Mucous tongue and oral cavity dirty-green color. On the cheeks, chin and upper lip black hair up to 1 cm. The mouth of the mouth, nose and ear aisles are clean. The neck is long and thin. The thorax is cylindrical. The abdomen is located below the level of the thorax. The back surface of brushes and fingers is pale brown in color, parchment density, fingers of the hands are half-bent. In the area of ​​the fingers of the hands, the areas of the "bath skin" are pale-gray with rejection of the nail plates. In the area of ​​the right shoulder on the anterior-internal surface - a spilled bruise 10x12 cm greenish-blue in color at the middle and lower third. In the area of ​​bruising hemorrhages in the underlying soft tissue. External genitalia without features. The aisle opening is clean. In the area of ​​the toes, the stop "bath skin" is pale gray.

B. Internal research.

Skin flaps of the scalp from the inner surface ???? e, juicy, dull. In the right temple area, there is a distinct hemorrhage in the right temporal muscle with diffuse impregnation. ???? e excision of the right temporal muscle is determined by a depressed fracture of the right temporal-temporal region, in a 9 x 7 cm area with a defect in bone tissue and a temporal bone 3 x 3.5 x 2 cm in size. The specified area of ​​the bone is pressed into the cavity of the skull and is located on the dura mater. After the extraction of the brain substance in the middle cranium, a multi-lobed fracture of the right temporal bone was observed with the divergence and transition of the bone fracture into the anterior cranial pit in the supraorbital region of the frontal bone, the second crack passes through the days of the surface of the Turkish saddle in the region wedge-shaped delay, deepening into the thickness of the main bone, then goes to the middle cranium ?? on the left, with a divergence of bone edges from 0.1 to 0.4 cm.
The dura mater corresponding to the place of fracture sharply ???? okrovna with the fullness of the brain substance of the right hemisphere of the brain, ??? oro? differs in more greenish crimson coloration. The convolutions and the adenes of the brain are not easily discernible. Gray matter of the brain is hardly distinguishable from white matter. The ventricles of the ventricles of the brain are not distinguishable. The brain is a jelly-like mass of a dirty-red color. In general, the crack length in the region of the base of the skull is 17 cm. In addition, asymmetry is noted in the area of ​​the compression fracture of this region.
Subcutaneous fat tissue of the trunk is developed satisfactorily. The internal organs are correct. Pleural cavities are free. The pericardial bag contained up to 10 cm3 of a reddish color of a cloudy liquid. The heart is 13x12x 5.5 cm in size. fat. The heart muscle on the cut is dark red, flabby to the touch. The thickness of the left ventricle muscle is 1.8, the right one is 0.6 cm. In the right and left half of the heart, liquid dark blood was contained in the "dry heart". Valves of the heart, the aorta and the pulmonary artery are smooth, tight, slightly thickened. Coronary vessels of the heart are free, passable. The aortic surface is smooth, clean. The width of the arch of the aorta is above the cliffs of 8.5 cm. The light from the surface of the bluish-red ("bluishly" is over the other text?) Colors, bushy? On a cut a fabric of easy or light; mild dark red color. When pressed from the surface of the cut, a foamy liquid is abundantly released. Enlightenment of ani and bronchi is free.

Sheet 354

- 3 -

The hyoid bone is intact. Mucous esophagus, bronchus trachea is cyanotic red. The ventricle contained up to 100 cm3 of a mucus mass of reddish yellow color. Mucous stomach of bluish-red color, with well expressed folding. The pancreas is fine-lobed on the incision, bluish-red in color. The liver from the surface is smooth, shiny, on the cut its fabric is brownish-green in color with a yellow tinge. The liver pattern is not clearly discernible. Traces of a brown liquid were contained in the gallbladder. Mucous gallbladder is velvety, brown. The size of the liver is 24 x 16 x 14 x 8 cm. The spleen is flabby to the touch, the capsule is wrinkled, the size of the spleen is 9 x 5 x 3 cm. On the tissue section the spleen is dark red, the pulp gives a thick scraping.
In the lumen of the small intestine contained a mucous mass of yellowish color with a brown tinge. In the lumen of the large intestine, half-molded stool mass. The intestinal mucosa is bluish reddish. The kidneys from the surface are smooth, shiny, the capsule from the kidneys is easily removed (?.? Enenko), the tissue of the kidneys is dark red in color, the cortical and medulla of the kidneys are distinguishable. The size of the right kidney is 9 x 6 x 6 cm, the left one is 10 x 6 x 3 cm. The cortical and cerebral layers of the adherents are poorly discernible. The bladder is empty. Mucous it or him cyanosis.

For the chemical and histological examination, parts of the internal organs, part of the temporo-parietal bone on the right are taken.

Forensic expert - signature (Restored)

Prosecutor criminologist - signature (Ivanov)
Regional Prosecutor Office
Ml. counselor of justice

Expert criminalist (Churkina)


Based on the study of the corpse gr. Thibo-Brignola NV I believe that his death came as a result of a closed multi-lobed "crushed fracture in the region of the crest and base of the skull, with a profuse hemorrhage to the brain membranes and to the brain substance in the presence of the action of low temperature. The aforementioned extensive multi-lobed fracture of the bone of the vault and base of the skull of a lifetime origin and is the result of the impact of a large force, followed by a fall, throw and injury of Thibo Brignoles.
Bodily injuries of the soft tissues of the head region and "bath skin" of the limbs are posthumous changes in the body of Thibault Brignol, which was recently found in the water.
The death of Thibault Brignoles is violent.

Forensic expert - signature (Restored)
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