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Rustem's diary begins the poems about Othello. It turns out that the poems have authors.
Okhrimenko Alexey Petrovich (January 16, 1923 - June 17, 1993). He was born, lived and died in Moscow.
Since 1947 he has written songs for his poems, and also together with S. Christie and V. Shreiberg.
Okhrimenko's songs (including such as "Battalion Scout", "Othello", "Hamlet", "Count Tolstoy") for a long time were considered popular, and were performed without the author's instructions. In the beginning and middle of the 50s, they were most often sung by people with disabilities who went with an accordion or a guitar on the Moscow suburban trains, collecting alms for life, and more often just drinking. Everyone who has heard these songs will never forget those blatant, tearful, drunken and smoky voices that branded the "queen of the whore", dripping a pipette into the ear of her husband, and the jealous Moor, who never strangled his innocent wife, and, of course, "Claudia-slut," which exchanged the hero - the battalion scout for the staff clerk.
Since the late 50's they migrated to urban (mostly student) folklore, without them, there was not a single feast, no tourist trip. Only later they were replaced by author's songs of Y. Vizbor, B. Okudzhava, V. Vysotsky, A. Galich and other bards.
Shreyberg Vladimir Fedorovich (1924 -1979). He was born, lived and died in Moscow.
Since 1941 - a participant in the Great Patriotic War, he worked as a mechanic of air defense in operating air units.
In 1951 he graduated from the scenic faculty of VGIK. Screenwriter.
Sergei Mikhailovich Christi (1922-1986) Born and lived in Moscow, died in Voskresensk.



                  Poems by Alexei Okhrimenko,
                        Sergei Kristi,
                        Vladimir Shreiberg
                  On the motif of the song "Whenever I had the golden mountains" The

Venetian Moor Othello
One house visited,
Shakespeare learned about this business
And the vaudevillek dashed.

Yes, he visited that little house,
And who does not know why,
To read Shakespeare's book
We will advise him.

The girl was called Desdemona,
Himself, that the white moon,
On the general's epaulettes
Ah, she was tempted.

He often talked with her,
Poor Moor lost sleep,
All would give for caresses, gaze,
Only they would have owned it!

She once said shamefacedly,
Oh, it was to her face:
"Do not reproach me unfairly,
Tell the whole truth you're a father ..."

Papa - Doge Venetian
Big fan was devoured,
Loved father, Dutch cheese,
washed down with Moscow beer.

He loved to sing a Romance romance -
His own, a company guy was,
But only the Doge of Venice
Damn the Moors did not like.

And he did not like them for the cause -
After all, the Moor of the devil is like,
And Othello's suggestion to
Him that in the heart of the Finnish knife!

<But Othello convinced the Doge that
At all he was not an amodey.
At the marriage, the accord was given by the nobleman,
And everything became like people's.>

Othello had a subordinate
named Yashka the lieutenant,
He was on Mount Desdemona
A terribly harmful intrigante.

The handkerchief has disappeared! Deception and drama!
The Moor did not catch the trick,
And, despite the fact that the lady,
He strangled Desdemona.

The demon was shocked by the wife,
Othello entered in a terrible rage. - He
interrupted everyone who was in the district,
And at the end he struck himself ...

Let Othello act bravely
Or cowardly - you judge,
But the Moor - he did his thing,
So, it can go away !!

Girls, girls, look throw your
sweat far nose
And you do not trust anyone
Your handkerchiefs are noses!
All theories are flawed....... Get Behind Me Satan !!!